What's the first thing you do in the morning? Is it check Facebook? No? Well whatever, YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN US.

Even if you are not one of the 156.5 million users of Facebook in the U.S. or the 1.7 billion users worldwide (which is unlikely because chances are, you got to this page through FB), it's hard to deny the website's effects on everyday life. 

It's, like, where we talk to our friends. Make plans. Read the news.

And now, you can order food off of a restaurant's Facebook page, so there's basically no reason to sign off ever.

As part of an effort to further connect businesses with users, we'll also be able to buy movie tickets and book spa and salon appointments.

As reported by Time, this works in tandem with "Marketplace," launched earlier this month, that lets people buy and sell stuff in their community. Peace out, Craigslist.

They're also launching "Recommendations," which is pretty much an interactive Yelp but with friends―not pretentious diners who reference their trips abroad way too often (not sure what your winery tour in Italy has to do with your review of a Chelsea sushi joint, Greg).

If you post on FB looking for somewhere to grab a bite or get a haircut, when you turn on Recommendations, it will allow your friends to comment with suggestions. Their suggestions will show up on a map that you can then peruse through to make a decision.


You also might have already noticed that when a FB friend shows interest in an event, it'll show up on your feed. They revamped the Events bookmark so it'll be easier for people to browse and find things to do that are relevant to your interests– assuming you and your friends like to do similar things.

What's Facebook trying to do anyway? Try to make us go outside? Explore our neighborhoods? 

You'd think they'd be happy we spend all our time on their website, even if most of it is spent arguing with high school friends about politics.

... Oh, you don't do that? I mean, we don't yell at our aunts about the Donald Trump memes they post, we thought you did.

[via Time] [Feature Image Courtesy GraduateGirl]