You Tryin' to Leave? Nah, 'Ma Stay: 8 Best Places for Serene Yoga Classes in NYC

Namaste, homies. You looking for a spot to get your yoga on in New York City? Luckily for you, there are plenty of excellent yoga studios throughout the five boroughs that can help make this dream a reality.

Are you pondering whether you should start practicing yoga?

Let us tell you this: yoga is for everyone, and you will not believe what it will do to your life.

It'll make you calmer, more grateful, more relaxed, happy, and present in the moment. It'll exercise your body and mind, and offer you a deeper awareness of yourself, your body, and your yoga practice.

Want to know where the best yoga classes in NYC are? Great. Read on to find out.

1. Yoga to the People (various locations)

Yoga to the People is almost entirely donation based. That means you don't have to pay any more than you want to.

There are Yoga to the People Studios all over the city. There's a studio in the East Village, on 27th Street, on 38th Street, in Williamsburg, at 23rd Street, and on 104th Street on the Upper West Side.

The Upper West Side is the newest, largest, and probably most gorgeous of the studios, but you could visit any one of them for a transcendent experience.


At Yoga to the People, the focus is on you performing your practice, on you not judging but perceiving, and turning your gaze inward. There is no such thing as being "bad at yoga" at Yoga to the People.

Yoga to the People is one of the best things about this city, in fact. Browse their locations and classes here

2. Yoga Union (37 West 28th Street)


Yoga Union is next level yoga. The staff is composed of Alison West and her team of scoliosis, back care and alignment specialists.

If you're interested in alleviating back pain and understand how your body works, you should check out Yoga Union.

By next level, we don't mean professional. The classes tend to be comprised of beginners in addition to regulars. By next level, we mean, you'll have an absolutely incredible experience with wonderfully knowledgable instructors. 

The instructors administer individual attention without stalling the flow of class, and help every student incorporate props in a wholly healing way. Check it out here.

3. Stanton Street Yoga (196A Stanton Street)


This Lower East Side gem will completely rock your yogic world. It's run by two sisters, Dhyana and Syama, who are some of the sweetest people in the city.

Every class at Stanton Street Yoga is structured and vigorous, and you'll feel directed through every step of instruction. It's a warm and welcoming place, and it'll take you on an internal journey, helping you better understand yourself and shed your negative emotions.


Stanton Street Yoga is the perfect locale to improve your yoga practice while growing both physically and internally. It doesn't matter if you've ever practiced yoga before in your life, they're prepared for every level of yoga experience.

Stanton Street Yoga is a yoga oasis, and if you love yoga, you'll miss out if you don't check it out, which you can do here

4. Yoga Vida (various locations)


At Yoga Vida's two locations (one in Union Square and one in Greenwich Village), you'll experience a tough workout that are exciting and different for other yoga classes. It's a fun, athletic, challenging practice.

You'll sweat, you'll feel your muscles working, and you may find these to be some of the best yoga classes you've ever taken.

The instructors at Yoga Vida are passionate, which helps produce a vigorous, fulfilling work out. The studio is large and so are the classes. It's a spacious, lovely studio with a lot of natural light.

They also offer donation based classes almost every day, at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., and they only charge $18 for their other classes, which is a victory. Browse their class schedule here.


5. Third Eye Yoga (433 7th Avenue - Brooklyn) 


Want to learn all about your body? Want to experience a completely revelatory, life-changing yoga practice?

If that's the case, get to Park Slope and try out a class at Third Eye Yoga. It's perfect for a beginner who's hesitant to try yoga for the first time.


It's also perfect for the seasoned yogi who wants to enhance their practice. We really don't have enough good things to say about this studio.

You'll learn so much about the anatomy of your body in a way you can understand, and you'll soon learn to completely abolish your inner-critic. You'll also learn the hardest thing about yoga: to incorporate the practice of yoga into your every day life. Check it out here

6. Yumcha Yoga (3359 Flushing - Queens)


Want a totally invigorating yoga practice in Queens? Look no further than Yumcha Yoga. 

The owners of Yumcha Yoga, Yen Yen and Colin, will welcome you warmly. The instructors are all so passionate about teaching, and the whole atmosphere of the studio is completely down-to-earth.

It's pristinely clean, which is actually an important factor of practicing yoga. Every teacher cares a ton about their students, and whether you're new to yoga or you've been practicing for years, there's a class for every skill level.

They've also got scented oil infused hot towels, which, needless to say, are also incredible. Check it out here.

7. YogaSole (254 Windsor Place - Brooklyn)


YogaSole is an absolutely gorgeous yoga studio, with a lot of natural light, and an extremely friendly, welcoming community.

The instructors at YogaSole strike the perfect combination of knowledgeable and soothing, and some of their classes take place in candlelight, which is perfect for post-class meditation.


They also offer one or two donation-based classes during their weekly schedules, which is excellent for every New Yorker.

All-in-all, when you leave YogaSole you'll feel exercised, relaxed, and zen. There's nothing better you can do for your soul or body than attend a yoga class at YogaSole. Check out their schedule here.

8. Unity Yoga (350 Saint Nicholas Avenue)

If you start attending Unity Yoga in Harlem, you'll get completely hooked on yoga; we guarantee it.

They've got some hot yoga classes and some regular yoga classes, and they're all excellent. Plus, all the instructors are incredible, knowledgeable, and approachable.

They've got classes dedicated to core strength, hip opening, and community classes at a reduced cost. They choose a monthly pose during every month, and then offer the community the opportunity to gain insight into the benefits of certain poses.

Also, they always switch it up. You'll never see the same exact class twice. Basically, it's a beautiful studio with incredible instructors. Check it out here.

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