Yo! Not the declarative greeting, the popular British sushi chain is coming to NYC!

As part of on ongoing expansion campaign in the US in cities like Boston and Tampa, executive chef Mike Lewis will open the first New York location next month.

The concept of sushi served on conveyor belts, also known as kaiten sushi, is wildly popular in Japan, but has yet to have a lasting hold on NYC.

We are well aware of this, and have been unsuccessfully attempting to fill the void by putting our sushi on the treadmill— a flawed and unsatisfying substitute. 

But no longer! The Flatiron kaiten sushi joint will offer up to 80 different Japanese dishes of sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, and a few dishes exclusive to the New York location like sushi grilled with a blow-torch, an avocado nori taco, and yuzu-broth based ramen.

The conveyor belt will run throughout the restaurant, with different colored plates indicating price range. Yo! will also offer take-out, but come on, dining in will be way more fun.


Coming to 23rd West 23rd Street on Thursday, March 16th.


BYOC– bring your own chopsticks (totes optional)!

[Feature Image Courtesy AMNY] [via Eater]