Remember when we told you that the New York Yankees will no longer accept any print-at-home tickets to their games this season. 

To recap, they will only allow mobile tickets bought through their front office or Ticketmaster, thus effectively screwing over last minute purchasers who wanted to take advantage of the low last minute prices of tickets on StubHub. 

Essentially, the Yankees have attempted to eliminate ticket fraud, but have also confirmed their secondary goal of keeping revenue high... and the fact that the front office takes advantage of its fans. 

Don't believe us? That's cool, you don't have to. 

Just check out what the Yankees' COO Lonn Trost told WFAN, according to Deadspin,  in response to why the Yankees will limit fans from buying through themselves or Ticketmaster, which use price floors to inhibit some ticket sales:

"The problem below market at a certain point is that if you buy a ticket in a very premium location and pay a substantial amount of money. It's not that we don't want that fan to sell it, but that fan is sitting there having paid a substantial amount of money for a ticket and [another] fan picks it up for a buck-and-a-half and sits there, and it's frustrating to the purchaser of the full amount." 

So what you're saying, Trost, is that you feel bad for the rich fans who don't take advantage of the lower prices elsewhere? That's not the other fan's problem. 

To make matters worse, he goes on to state, "quite frankly, the fan may be someone who has never sat in a premium location. So that's a frustration to our existing fan base." 

Excuse us, Mr. Trost, but you're saying that the elitist snobs who pay full price have more of a claim to those seats than those of us who pay our own hard earned money (though considerably less) because we were smart enough to chose a different method of purchase?


Just because we're "peasants" without a trust fund doesn't mean we shouldn't be brushing shoulders with those that do. 

Regardless of Mr. Trost's downright stupid comments, Yankees' president, Randy Levine, met with StubHub's president, Scott Cutler, in the attempts to come to some solution regarding their issues... hint: don't get your hopes up. 

The meeting comes after Levine accused StubHub of stirring up controversy and stating things that were "completely fraudulent and completely false."

Though both Levine and Cutler responded with positive statements, according to River Avenue Blues, it's difficult to imagine the Yankees changing their policy to include StubHub. 

According to The New York Times, the Levine would be willing to work with StubHub and other buyers, "as long as [the Yankees] know they're legitimate, doing it in the spirit of helping [the Yankees'] ticket buyers." However, he believes that StubHub wouldn't be willing to invest the time or money to do so. 


A StubHub spokesman, Glenn Lehrman, stated that this was "news to us and definitely something we'd be interested in... All we would like is an opportunity to compete." 

The Yankees have indicated that they might be willing to transfer mobile barcodes through StubHub, but that would require a third company like Flash Seats, which would allow the Yankees to track who is sitting in each seat, and potentially charge additional fees. 

Due to the current system, StubHub is considering a delivery service for last minute ticket buyers, though this will most likely come with an additional fee.

Regardless of the outcome, we as Yankee fans feel pretty low on the priority list for the Yankee organization. 

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[via River Avenue Blues]