If you're anything like us, you remember the first time you printed out a ticket to go to a Yankees game. You were in awe of how they determined if it was fake or not. 

In your youthful naivety, you probably lamented the fact that you could no longer keep your ticket stub to remember the game. But now that you've matured and are paying for your own ticket, you've cherished the ability to buy a ticket off of StubHub for a fraction of the cost. 

Unfortunately, the days of a print-at-home ticket are over for anyone wishing to attend a Yankees game, as the Yankees' front office has announced that they will only accept hard stock tickets or mobile tickets purchased through authorized sellers. 

And by authorized sellers, they mean either through their own front sales office or through Ticketmaster, essentially screwing over fans who rely on purchasing tickets last minute before heading over to the Bronx. 

Why are the Yankees initiating this change? 

In short, the secondary sales market for baseball tickets has been a pretty thriving business since the rise of print at home and mobile tickets. 

Fans typically use services like StubHub, who offers prices as low as $6. 


However, Ticketmaster requires sellers to adhere to a pricing floor, meaning that they cannot sell their tickets below whatever price Ticketmaster requires. 

That drives up the cost of tickets through Ticketmaster's service, and has caused some backlash from the NY Attorney General

The MLB currently has a partnership with StubHub, but the Yankees have decided that their deal with Ticketmaster outweighs the potential revenue stream from that secondary market. 

Of course, the Yankees stated in their new ticketing policies, the switch is to "combat fraud and counterfeiting of tickets associated with print-at-home paper tickets."

yankees_post_ Yankee stadium is always a beautiful sight!

We've worn enough Yankees jerseys in our lifetime to be able to say that that excuse is a crock of sh*t. 

The Yankees organization just wants to force their fans who want the ease of a mobile ticket to purchase through their own sources or go through the extra steps to acquire their physical ticket. 

For years, fans have purchased last minute tickets through StubHub before heading over to the Bronx. 

Now, fans will have to purchase far enough in advance that StubHub can send them their tickets, or they will have to go to the StubHub's Last Minute Service office to obtain their tickets. We know, we know. Totally sucks. 

But this game of baseball is more of a business nowadays than anything else, right? Right. 

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[via Deadspin] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]