By now, you probably know what happened already: yesterday, the New York Jets beat the New England Cheatriots Patriots in overtime, 26-20. 

Sure, it wasn't without controversy. In an odd turn of events, something only sweatsleeve Belichick himself could rationalize, the Patriots elected to give the Jets the ball first in overtime. In an even more odd turn of events, the Jets managed to score and win the game with ease. 

As far as classic Jets vs. Patriots sh*ttalking goes, though, that outcome was determined long before the game had even started thanks to one incredible idea from a simple shipping company on Delancey Street: wynd

Hours before kickoff, Gamal Helmy and Leonard Schaltz gift-wrapped a huge box of "presents" for Patriots fans, and delivered it to a large gathering of them tailgating in Lot G of Metlife Stadium. 


It was wrapped in Patriots' colors, so naturally, the fans thought it was a gift for them. They tore right into it.

Sure. It was a gift. The gift that keeps on giving: tons and tons of garbage. 

Unknown to the fans at the time, Helmy and Schaltz are two people that are both huge Jets fans and sneaky brilliant entrepreneurs. Their company? wynd. What they do? Exactly what they did at Metlife: deliver packages in New York City within an hour. 

They took the box across all five boroughs, got Jets fans to write all kinds of classic New York trash talk all over the outside, and filled the inside of the box with anything from pieces of pizza, actual garbage, and a graciously donated Tom Brady jersey on which they painted a bright, orange "X."

ryanjgorman Very excited to have launched our new shipping app @wynd in the NYC area. We pick it up. We pack it. We get in exactly where you want it to go. Available now in the App Store ! #wynd #nyc #shippingdoneforyou Use the promo code wyndbeta40 for 40% off your first 5 shipments!

The next morning, they delivered the box to Metlife Stadium and left. While the Patriots trash talk trash box isn't something wynd does with any kind of regularity, what they consistently do is handle everything you could possibly need for shipping goods around NYC. 

wynd does everything for you: they pick up what's getting shipped for free, they pack it up for free, and they can do same-day shipping within an hour. A little too good to be true? Well, no more than the idea of the Jets making the playoffs is... but then again, that's a little harder to believe.  

To learn more about wynd and their new app, check them out here. But first, check out the video of these Patriots fans tearing into Helmy and Schaltz's special surprise. Between that and the way the Jets beat them in overtime, it's not likely New Englanders will forget this Christmas anytime soon. 

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[via Metro New York]