It could happen. Yes, today might be the day that Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is available for public consumption. Nobody knows for sure, but again, it could happen. 

After what seems like ages worth of buzz and hype over something most people thought they'd never hear, an apparently random Twitter user/Redditor Cutie Jewlani is claiming plans to leak the album today.

Most people's first thought upon hearing this is "Yeah, right." But crazier and more stupid things have happened and will continue to happen every day on Twitter. 

While the move may appear to be a grab for attention and followers, enough people are taking it seriously-- even disgraced former pharmaceutical CEO and owner of the (perhaps) sole copy, Martin Shkreli.

The two had an exchange over Twitter last night after Cutie Jewlani backed out of a Reddit AMA. There hasn't been any activity on Jewlani's Twitter page until 10:37 a.m. when they tweeted: "Oh hey everyone, you know what today is? #TuesdayWusday #FiveHours."

Most people leaking albums use torrents because it's potentially a much more private and efficient method of sharing information. Commenters on the Reddit thread were sure to offer advice as to how and where to share the album with minimal risk of getting caught, but it may have fallen on deaf ears. 


So because this self-described "album liberator" doesn't really seem to know how to liberate an album well, a healthy dose of suspicion is warranted. But wouldn't it be cool if we all got a new Wu-Tang Clan album today? 

Check out a gallery of deleted tweets below, and decide for yourself if you're going to get your hopes up. 

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[via Pigeons and Planes] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]