WOW Air, one of the low-cost bargain airlines opposing major brands like United, is kicking off the new year with a low-cost deal that kinda got our attention again.

Sort of.

According to Thrifty Traveler, Upstart Icelandic discount carrier WOW Air is offering $69 one-way fares from the USA to Europe.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not—except, well... there is a catch. 

WOW Air's limited flight schedule and small U.S. footprint mean the deal won't be available to most U.S. travelers. And return fares are only available for higher prices.

WOW's ‘sale’ covers flights from Boston and Baltimore – its only two U.S. destinations – to just two European cities: Paris and Amsterdam.

And thanks to blackout dates and WOW's less-than-daily flight schedule on the routes, the $99 fares are offered only one day a week on each route.

Isn’t that nice?

However, for us New Yorkers the fares are instead on a deal for $190 at the lowest. It’s pricier , but it’s still a better deal to Europe than the standard four hundred dollars one way.


WOW Air operates with an "ultra low-cost" model. That means it charges for everything from checked bags (starts at $48) to requesting an advance seat assignment ($3 to $38 per flight). Small carry-on bags are free, but bags weighing more than 11 pounds will cost much more.


But if you can get to Baltimore or Boston and navigate the limited calendar of availability, or just want to shell out a bit less than normal for traveling from New York, then the deals are being offered starting January 15th through April 5th. Check 'em out right here

[via Thrifty Traveler][Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]