Guess Which NY City Topped the List for the Worst City in America for Singles? (And No, It's Not NYC) | spoiled NYC

Attention single people of America, a new list ranking the worst cities to be single in has been published and surprise, surprise it’s depressing as hell.

In short, it sucks to be single anywhere in America. Live in a small-ish town? It sucks. Live in a big city? Also sucks.

WalletHub, a finance blog, crunched the numbers and listed out the 150 cities using a complex system of “data sets,” “percentages,” and other things single people just don’t have time to try and pretend they understand.

“Our analysts compared the 150 most populated U.S. cities based on 25 key metrics to help you find and prep for the best dating opportunities this holiday season,” WalletHub wrote in a piece about its findings. 


“Our data set ranges from the percentage of singles to the number of online-dating opportunities to the number of attractions in each city.”

So what are the 15 worst cities for singles?

1) Yonkers, NY

2) Hialeah, FL

3) North Las Vegas, NV

4) Glendale, CA

5) Detroit, MI

6) Columbus, GA

7) Chula Vista, CA

8) Oxnard, CA

9) Jersey City, NJ

10) Aurora, IL

11) Newark, NJ

12) New York, NY

13) Port St. Lucie, FL

14) Philadelphia, PA

15) Brownsville, TX

To be fair, some of these cities are the worst cities for anything (we’re looking at you, Yonkers)

Most notably New York City falls at number 12 on the worst places for singles to live, which is surprising since as recently as May, The New York Times wrote an entire piece about how growing up or living in a city like New York essentially kills your chances of getting married.

If that wasn’t bad enough, this August, The Washington Post published a piece about how it’s statistically likely that you’ll die single and alone.


Well, that’s not exactly what they said, but it’s close.

“Because there are more women graduating from college (about 34% more women than men graduated in 2012) the dating pool for straight millennial college graduates is severely skewed with about four women for every three guys,” Metro explained. 

“The odds get even worse if you consider denser markets like New York City, where there are an estimated three women for every two men.”

Looks like you’re really screwed!

By: Matthew Lee, Metro New York

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