We don't know what to make of Port Authority. The bus terminal is hell, the situation with LaGuardia is hell, Oculus was its own special nightmare, basically, all of it is utter hell. 

How many times can you let us down in one day? Apparently, more than we thought. 

But hell just took on new level of dubious meaning. .

According to the New York Post, the average salary for a Port Authority worker was more than $100,000 last year. 

Yep, the average Port Authority worker is probably making more than you are. 

But don't trust that number. Numbers may never lie, but that doesn't mean they readily tell the whole truth. 

That number is pretty skewed because it includes the bi-state agency's police officers who ran up an extreme amount of overtime last year. 

The Post reported that one of every ten Port Authority police officers was paid more than $200,000 last year, according to numbers analyzed by the Empire Center for Public Policy. 


Furthermore, of the 36 Port Authority workers who cashed in over $250,000 last year, 25 of them were cops. 

The average salary of a Port Authority worker increased from $97,673 in 2014 to $100,253 this past year, mostly due to overtime. 

A Port Authority spokesman stated, "[overtime] represents approximately 17 percent of the Agency's total labor expenses, before taking into account grants and other reimbursements, and take into account heightened security events, such as last September's Papal visit and our security precautions following November's Paris attacks, and numerous weather events early last year are factors that drive overtime for police and operational personnel." 

He went on to say, "[moving] forward, the agency is undertaking several additional initiatives including the hiring of 250 more police officers, assessing department workloads and existing staffing levels and looking at scheduling of existing staff, all with the focus on continuing to reduce overtime."

We're wondering whether or not the current turbulent world climate will stop or slow to the extent that we won't require such an expansive police presence at Port Authority, but we're doubtful.  

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[via New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy NJ.com]