Happy Monday? More like Happy Week! Your New Favorite Work Escapes ☕️💼🍴

For those New Yorkers who live by and work through the daily 9-5 routine, worry not. Here’s a list of few mini-escapes and go-to spots throughout your working day.

Who said working can’t be fun?!

As a busy, working New Yorker, mornings are nothing without a proper breakfast while sipping on your morning hot coffee.

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Here is a list of on-the-go spots, where you can grab a quick bite of everything from a simple plain bagel with cream cheese to a bagel ball filled with an organic, baked egg omelet.

Eataly (200 Fifth Ave or 101 Liberty Street, Manhattan)

If you couldn’t already love Eataly more, get ready to want to marry it. Like we even needed another reason.

All pressed-to-order, thanks to Eataly, you can pick up delicious breakfast paninis from 7 AM to 11 AM. Their sandwiches are made with homemade ciabatta bread and your choice of eggs and meats. For no more than $5, you can grab the Aosta, which is their two egg beefsteak sandwich, with tomato, thyme, and fontina cheese. And pair your meals with a fresh cup of Lavazza espresso.

But remember, if you are on a time crunch to get to work, it can be tough to get in and out of Eataly without trying to buy out the entire market.

Murray's Bagels (500 6th Ave, Manhattan)

New York and its’ love for bagels is truly a beautiful thing. Nearly every New Yorker has their own strong opinion on the best New York bagel. But Murray’s Bagels is so much more than your average New York bagel.

At Murray’s, all their bagel’s are freshly baked and homemade, so they’re warm when you toast them. They have an endless selection of bagels from everything to a cheesy everything, to even a rainbow bagel. And to top that, can’t forget about their endless options of toppings and cream cheeses.

High recommended order: A cheesy everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions, and capers. You will be dreaming about it all day after inhaling it in one bite.

Dominique Ansel Bakery (189 Spring Street, Soho)

This famous bakery needs no introduction. Celebrated around the world for its delectable cookie and milk shots, this innovative bakery is the reason behind 2013’s biggest obsession, CRONUTS!

While, yes the cronuts were delicious and worth waiting for in a two-hour line, nothing beats their signature Perfect Little Egg Sandwich. This gourmet breakfast sandwich is made with creamy scrambled eggs topped with gruyere cheese on a freshly baked brioche bun.

Milk Bar (Various locations)

Everyone forgets that Milk Bar is more than just their famous Momofuku cakes. For only $4, you can get their delicious Egg & Cheddar Bomb. It is a bagel filled with an organic egg omelet with Sriracha cream cheese and topped with cheddar cheese and onion. Can you say O-M-G(ive Me Some NOW)!!!

They also serve other bagel bombs filled with smoky bacon with scallion cream cheese and topped with everything seasoning.

OatMeals (120 W 3rd St, Greenwich Village)

Everyone knows about the heart-healthy benefits of oatmeal. But not everyone knows that there are more exciting ways to eat it other than insanely bland. This West Village café offers a toppings-bar concept with steel-cut oats.

Build your own healthy bowl with either sweet toppings like fruits and chocolate, or savory with topping choices such as cheese, pesto, and bacon.

There are so many ways to go with building your dream OatMeal bowl that you can never go wrong.

As tiresome as weekday mornings can be, after a few coffees and bites of healthy goodness, you should be content enough to speak to other people with a sunshine smile.

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After a few hours of work, we all deserve a little break. Instead of eating a packed lunch at your desk, you should take the opportunity to leave your cubicle in the midst of a workday.

But when lunchtime hits, you bet your sweet working bum that you want to make it back in time.

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Dos Toros Taqueria (Various locations)

Move over Chipotle, because Dos Toros is taking over. Skip the basic and overdone lunch break spent at Chipotle, and welcome to 2018.

Thanks to two brothers from San-Francisco, we have now been introduced to a better and healthier fast-food Mexican option. From tacos and burritos to quesadillas and burrito-in-bowls, this fresh and local spot offers equal flavors for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Just Salads (Various locations)

Eating a salad during a lunch break is as cliché as one can be. But Just Salads isn’t just a salad place. This fast and casual dining option includes rotating seasonal choices.

It offers customers the option to create their own salad or protein bowls and wraps. This spot offers up to 10 items, all under $10. Everything is organic and non-GMO from farms in Vermont.

The Little Beet (135 W 50th St, Midtown)

Anyone with a gluten allergy knows all about The Little Beet. This place has created an entire delicious menu to be celiac-friendly.

Chef Franklin Becker rebuilt his cooking style to offer a menu full of light and healthy meals that still contain plenty of lean protein and tons of vegetables. The seasonal menu rotates their selections included in their make-your-own-plate option.

Gotham West Market (600 11th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen)

Just about every neighborhood has a food hall chain these days. In an area like 11th Ave around the 40s, a food chain such as Gotham West Market was sorely needed.

This food hall allows you to pick from a variety of cuisines. If you are in the mood for a classic slice of pizza but still craving Mexican, who says you have to choose. You can now grab a slice from their Corner Slice with a crisp, focaccia crust piled with fresh mozzarella and basil or go to their El Colmado Butchery for a taco style, grilled cheese with fresh roasted mushrooms, and lamb meatballs, dressed with a mint yogurt sauce.

Chopt (51 Astor Place, Noho)

Yes, another salad place. Us New Yorkers can’t seem to escape the endless but heavenly selection of salads.

Chopt is one of the best and most convenient grab-and-go salad locations. You can choose from their most popular items such as the Sante Fe. The Sante Fe includes avocado, corn, grape tomatoes, homemade fried onions, and Vermont pepper jack cheese. Then there is their Signature Caesar, which is a Mexican-styled Caesar salad with cotija cheese, jalapeno peppers, and tortilla chips. You can even create a mix of these using their create your own option.

Get your personalized salad for delivery or pick up at your convenience.

After a long 9 to 5 working day, you and your co-workers deserve a drink and solid meal.

And when that moment finally arrives, where you leave the working day behind and enter that glorious moment of busting out of the office… Where do you go?

You bask in the civil right known as, HAPPY HOUR!!!

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Mermaid Inn & Mermaid Oyster Bar (96 Second Ave, East Village)

The Mermaid Empire is filled with great deals with even greater food and drinks.

Their typical expensive cocktails such as their signature Mermaid Bloody Mary’s and Aperol Spritz are knocked down to $7; draft beers and wine are served at $5 to $6. More importantly, their seafood snacks such as fried oysters, fish tacos, and shrimp and avocado sliders range from $3 to $7.

This is what I call, Ariel’s wish come true!

Casa Nonna (310 W 38th Street, Garment District)

Casa Nonna, meaning Grandmother’s House in Italian, is a traditional and authentic Italian cuisine with a seasonal selection of Roman and Tuscan fare. Their home-made pasta and wood-fired pizzas are satisfying and affordable. Specialty pies at Casa Nonna being under $10.

Grab a cocktail in their cozy and dim-lit bar, and take a seat at their Pizza Bar to enjoy a warm white Blanche pizza paired with a selection of the finest.

Becco (355 West 46th St, Midtown)

Wave bye-bye to Olive Garden’s Pasta Pass and say HELLO to Becco. Becco is home to those carb-loving New Yorkers, who live for the best pasta deals in the city.

I got five words for you: ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-PASTA

Yes, I said, “all you can eat.” This unlimited pasta joint offers daily rotating selections of three kinds of pasta, spaghetti and fresh basil, penne Bolognese, and artichoke ravioli for all under $25. Can you say stuffed?

Ardesia (510 West 52nd Street, Manhattan)

This wine bar has an excellent selection of mineral-driven wines from all over the world. Prices are reasonable, glasses of wine and draft beers are discounted by $2, which makes it pretty hard to resist.

This place is the perfect spot for after-work drinks with co-workers and friends who need a shot of tequila. As far as their food goes–pretzels and cod cakes–shall I say more? Well, I guess I can. They even have a selection of cheese and charcuterie plate for all your peckish needs.

Hurry now, while the weather is still nice enough to enjoy the patio!

Don Antonio Pizza (309 W 50th Street, Manhattan)

Stop inside Don Antonio’s and enjoy their special pies. From Quattro Formaggio to Prosciutto e Arugula, there's a pie for everyone to enjoy.

What do their Pizze Blanche and Pizze Rosse, and all their other pizza options have in common? Oh, that the dough is flash fried, meaning it is perfectly crispy and traditionally Neapolitan. The pizza is first deep fried and then wood-fired to order. You’ll spend no more than $9 for an 8-inch pizza, leaving you dreaming about it for days.

Got a bit more time on your hand for lunch? Why not stop by Panorama for some Middle Eastern cuisine!

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