So it’s safe to say, us average New Yorkers can mostly just dream about entering the Woolworth as a resident. 

However, we can now drown our sorrows downstairs with the rest of the proles.

A new bar called The Wooly Public has recently opened inside the historic downtown building with a ghostly twist.

According to Gothamist, Death & Co. and Maison Premiere will be serving the drinks and food at the new establishment.

The Woolworth building used to have a fancy, private bar/event space called The Wooly, established in 2009. Now, the public can get into the building without bouncers and outrageous fees to pay.

The drink selection had been divided into two categories: classic cocktails called "Old Souls" and innovative "New Editions." The prices for Jeff Srole's food isn’t as pricey as dining inside a famous building can be, either.

A $12 Public Burger comes with two patties, cheese and fries on the side, and even the pricier Private Burger with dry-aged beef, applewood smoked cheddar, and pickles, goes for $19. Not too bad, we must say.


The real draw of this new spot is their bar games. You can channel the spirits with a round of Ouija—board games are built into tables, as long as you ask to borrow the pieces.

While you’re waiting for an answer, or freaking out your not-so-horror-psyched friends, you can snack on some pimento cheese-stuffed fried olives, or Peking Duck Tots with house queso.

Or even Frogs Legs with tartar sauce. Hey, this IS the Woolworth. That dish is a classic from the original 1913 restaurant.


The Wooly Public is located inside the Woolworth Building (233 Broadway), so stop by and try some new lively foods and chat up the dead.

If you dare, reserve your table here.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]