Social media just got a whole lot less social.

We can understand the struggle of not being able to use your phone on the subway - even though wifi has been making its way to several subway stations throughout the city.

That's why we have podcasts, audiobooks, and Kindles/Amazon Fires, etc, to hold us over until we're back above ground and return to our safe wifi havens.

There's plenty of things to keep you occupied on the train itself, like, watching this woman read 15 printed pages worth of Facebook posts and comments.  

Yeah, you heard right. 

Alex Steinman - a social media editor, appropriately enough - snapped this shot of a woman on the train reading 15 pages of Facebook posts and their comments while riding the subway this morning.

Was this an attempt at being anti-social on social media? Or did this woman just not have time to finish catching up on her newsfeed before she had to leave for work this morning?


We may never know. But, we've got to hand it to her, this is a pretty interesting way to go about being a part of social media without actually being social at all.

The only downside? No liking or commenting with this method. But then again, maybe she likes to keep her Facebook presence on the down low. 

But let's be real, no one's ever really dying to go onto Facebook these days. Your newsfeed is probably clogged up with political debates, ads for the latest piece of tech you never knew you needed (or didn't), and a handful of vague posts from people you knew in middle school.  

We applaud this woman for showing true commitment to actually catching up on her newsfeed. Then again, maybe this just another case of someone's mom not understanding social media. Who's to say? 

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[via Elite Daily] [Feature Image Courtesy Twitter]