If you're from New York, you probably know our girl, Brooke Guinan.

She first caught our eye when she graced an awareness campaign poster for the Vocal Organization for International Courage and Equality (VOICE) in 2014 sporting her firefighter gear, nail polish, and "So Trans, So What" t-shirt. 

Get it guuuuurl.

As New York City's first openly transgender woman in the FDNY working for a number of years and undergoing a tremendous amount of changes, Brooke's story is now being brought to the silver screen. 

Woman on Fire, directed by Julie Sokolow and produced by Animal Media Group follows Brooke's journey that led her to pose for the infamous photo, further exposing her life and story during her transition. 



Since the ad campaign, Brooke has gained a following of supporters and was selected to lead Brooklyn Pride as well as landing the honor of the 2017 Pride March grand marshal status. And did you see her on the United Nations billboard at Times Square a while back? 

This girl really is on fire. 

Brooke's story starts before all the notoriety, of course. 'Woman on Fire' shows us her struggles not only in a male-dominated field but also as a third generation of old-school firefighters in her family coming out as a woman. The piece is 90 minutes and delves deep into Brooke's relationships within the FDNY as well as with her father, George, a 35-year veteran and a 9/11 survivor. 

In a recent interview, director Julie Sokolow stated, "Brooke's family is a microcosm of the polarized political forces in America today. George's love and acceptance of his trans daughter Brooke suggests that our divided society is capable of reconciling its differences. Love can trump hate."

With the current state of politics, we might venture to say this could be the most important film of the year. According to Sokolow, there are only 64 women firefighters in a workforce of over 10,000. We've done some quick math and that is actually insane. Less than 1% women. 

And transgender women? Brooke's the first. 

Sadly, transgender people make more headlines today as victims of tragedy or as news items having to do with their restriction of civil liberties and human rights. Brooke's story is truly unique, giving us insight into the life of someone who empowers others to live their lives with integrity and vulnerability. 

Brooke is in every sense of the word a hero.

You can catch Woman on Fire today on Amazon Video, iTunes, Vudu, and on DVD and Blu-ray.

[Feature Image Courtesy Woman on Fire] [via amNewYork]