There Could Be Another Vicious Storm Bringing Snow, Ice, Rain & Wind Next Week

We're done with it. We heard the call of the groundhog, and we got stoked for the end of winter.

Not so fast. Mother Nature heard we were talkin' sh*t. She's not happy. She's exacting her revenge. 

First she gave us Jonas, then there was a pretty little snowfall one happy Friday morning. Then she hit us with snow, freezing rain, followed quickly by really warm, albeit rainy, weather earlier this week. How's your immune system? Drink up on that Vitamin C. You'll need it. 

Yes, next week there could be something decidedly awful: a vicious storm combining all of your favorite wintertime calamities.

Yes, possibly rocking a neighborhood near you next Tuesday through Thursday, low pressure could intensify along the East Coast, and this last death rattle of winter weather could bring heavy snow to the Appalachians and all along the interior Northeast. 


Now, this could simply be the remnants of Winter Storm Olympia that plowed up and down the east coast the last week or so, but any ice that comes might not be as bad as what we saw last week. 

But along the I-95 Northeast Corridor, snow could start falling, turn into rain, and then turn right back into snow again. This being the weather though, we don't know exactly what's going to happen. 

But the combination of a strong jet stream and warm, moist air, could bring severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to the Deep South and Southeast as soon as Monday. But it could go right on through Wednesday. 

All of this is to say, "Yo, Mother Nature. Calm down. We get it. We shouldn't have put our trust in a groundhog, and we definitely shouldn't have whined about the lack of winter weather."


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