Sadface. Why are we so sad, you ask? Well we just got word that Winter Jam, New York City's annual ultimate snow day scheduled for Saturday, was cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

The fact that NYC's ultimate snow day was cancelled due to snow is almost too much irony to take, but, such is life. 

The NYC Parks website posted on the Winter Jam announcement this morning, cancelling the event.

"Due to an active blizzard watch and citywide hazardous travel advisory notice, Winter Jam 2016 is cancelled and will not be rescheduled," the post read.

The post came in tandem with the NYC government's Severe Weather Warning from last night.

That warning read, "Snow is expected to begin between midnight and 6 a.m. Saturday, January 23rd and continue throughout the day. There is a chance of a mix of snow, rain, and sleet Saturday afternoon."

So here's what we have to say about this. 


We're definitely bummed we won't be able to tear it up on snowboard ramps, nor receive complimentary skiing lessons at Winter Jam.

Nor-- and this is the worst part --will we be able to purchase lots of food from the Taste NY Winter Market that was scheduled to sell its delicacies at Winter Jam.

Still, we're kind of thrilled because, well, getting trapped in the snow in NYC is 100% thrilling. Also, it doesn't mean we won't get to sled on Saturday. All it really means is that we'll have to provide our own sleds.

byond_amazin My heart longs for this city!!!!! #ilovenewyork #beautiful #snowinnyc one day this dream will come tru!!!

We're issuing our own advisory warning: Buy your own sleds, and do it fast. We're guessing they'll sell out from the Duane Reade near you. Also, buy a lot of food before Saturday (we know, that was a grandmother comment; forgive us).

That way, you can have your own Winter Jam sledfest and your own Taste NY Winter Market, all centered very close to your apartment.

If you're wondering where the best places in NYC to sled are, we've got them right here.

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