Winter is here...and unfortunately (fortunately?), so is the season finale!

Oh hey fam! If you're anything like me, you're still emotionally shaken from last week's episode and you need this season finale to bring your spirits back to life. Amirite?

This season's finale is not one that should be watched alone ::Sniffle::. And now that we've bent-the-knee, let's get to it!

ProTip: If you're using your friend's mother's HBO GO login, be sure to buy their mother a birthday gift to pay it forward, ya cheapskate! If you don't have access to such luxuries, and are looking for a place to squat and watch the final ep, look no further.



1. The VNYL (100 3rd Avenue)

Have you been to the VYNL yet? Go. There. Now.

Come when you like but showtime is at 9PM. Food specials include Pig Wings of Westerlands and Essos' Oysters. Drink specials include The White Walker, The Shame, and a Dothraki Daiquiri. Treat Yaself!

2. Durden (213 Second Avenue)

Indulge on half-off bottles of Dornish wine, 5-for-$20 buckets of beer, and sweeter-than-Cersei chili chicken wings. They're also serving free popcorn all night long - live your life!

3. White Gold Butchers (375 Amsterdam Avenue)

$55 bucks will get you a ticket over at White Gold Butchers – price includes appetizer, dinner, dessert, + gratuity (drinks are separate). Seating begins at 7 and dinner promptly at 7:15.

4. The Bowery Beer Garden (93 Bowery)

Over 80 widescreen TV's will be featuring the finale and they also have drink specials including the frozen Pomegranate Margarita ($8), the White Walker ($10), and the Targaryen ($10).

Food specials include $14 The King of the North Burger & $12 Crispy Drogon Wings (Okay, but for real, if Drogon dies, WE RIOT!).

5. Professor Thom's (219 Second Avenue)

Doors open at 7PM and every time someone dies, the bar hands out free Jell-O shots. Should we prepare ourselves to be Jell-O'ed out with this season finale body count? The special includes $3 beers and if you wear a GoT-Themed costume, you just won yourself a free drink. Don't forget to tip!

6. Junoon (27 West 24th Street)

This upscale Indian spot has transformed their Patiala Lounge into a themed-GoT backdrop for this ticket screening. Tickets go for $38 (2 cocktails) of $55 (3 cocktails) and both include food.

7. Gallery Bar (1056 Broadway– Brooklyn)

Gallery Bar will be showcasing their breakfast burger and thai chili wings along with all-night-long beer specials during the finale on their big screen projector.

8. Halyards (406 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn)

GoT Trivia is held this Sunday right before the finale. No reservations taken so get there early to prove your skills worthy.

9. Top Secret (???)

Looking for some more like-minded Westerosians? Join this MeetUp group and find out their secret location of the finale screening. They'll be showing last week's episode promptly at 8 followed by the final episode at 9.

[Feature Image Courtesy Game of Thrones Wikia] 

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