Is this the coolest way to get drunk?

Summer is here and with that comes waiting for the train in a disgustingly hot subway station and counting every minute until you get home and crank your A.C. to full blast. 

While standing in front of cold breeze, you're gonna wanna have those troubles melt away and forget about them as well.

Well, now there is a delicious treat that can do both.

Winecream is the new ice cream that is basically a delicious frozen glass of wine mixed with berries and other goodies.

The ice cream was invented by Dan Gorham and his sister Katie. The genesis of the idea came on Christmas Day when the Gorham family wanted to have ice cream, but didn't want to stop drinking, a dilemma so American in nature we can't even RN. 

The duo then spent about a year perfecting the recipe for the ice cream that tastes like wine and has the same ABV as a cup of wine. 

The secret ingredient isn't really an ingredient at all.


Wine doesn't freeze in a typical freezer even if it's in cream, so in order to reach that ice cream perfection, Winecream uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the cream and wine together. It takes -300 degrees Fahrenheit to create this newest ice cream innovation.

As of now, Winecream is only found in Maryland. The company is planning to expand our the area and even provide delivery. It's only a matter of time before we hear about someone getting buzzed by ice cream in New York City.


Getting drunk on wine is already amazing, but could imagine having a scoop of this? We've talked about some pretty crazy ice cream creations in the past, like these Thai-inspired ice cream rolls, Chinatown waffle cones and even Kanye West inspired ice cream.

If this man can claim he made it to 107 by drinking four bottles of wine a day, imagine how far you'll go with four scoops of Winecream a day.

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[via WTOP] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]