Time to Get Wined & Dined with This Incredible $1,300 Brooklyn Crush Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to host a wine and cheese tasting for your friends?

Or maybe even start a wine and cheese club where you all get together once a month to indulge in the finer things in life and discuss things like books and culture and the opera and tannins and the simpler times of white gloves and tea cozies?

Wow. We know. That sounds exhausting AF.

So as fun and worthwhile as those might be, wouldn't you be just as happy to treat yourself—pinkies up!—with incredible wine, more cheese than you can handle, and everything you need to bake delicious desserts at home?

We gotchu.

Look out! We're throwing the whole kitchen sink at ya' with this giveaway! We've teamed up with our friends at Bright Cellars, Red Velvet, UpOut, CellularOutfitter, and New York Wine Events to give you a veritable cornucopia of dopeness.

We’re talking three-month wine AND cheese subscriptions, courtesy of Bright Cellars. Baking Kits from Red Velvet—kind of like Blue Apron where they send you the ingredients and the recipes and you make ‘em, except better because, well, DESSERT.

A two-month Insiders subscription courtesy of UpOut so you can be the first in the know on incredible events going down, pick what you’re into, and get free tickets to boot! They’re also givin’ you a nice little swag bag to give you the hug they can’t give you in person.

Oh, and speaking of events, New York Wine Events’ got your back with 2 early access tickets to the epic-as-all-get-out Brooklyn Crush Wine event in May. Skoooooo!

And because nobody’s ever got the foresight to prepare their minds, bodies, and phones for hours of a good—free—wine buzz, CellularOutfitter’s giving you the hook-up with a $200 gift card.

What more could you possibly need from this?

How about some money? Free money. Literally. spoiled’s going to straight-up throw some cash at you (SERIOUSLY: We want to get vid of this happening! But, it’ll likely be in the form of a gift card, so that might be painful. Either way, we will literally throw something at the winner) to the tune of $200.

So what do you have to do? Outside of actually being 21 years-old, nothing more than entering with your email address and zipcode. BOOM. BAM. DONE.

Enter this incredible giveaway right friggin’ now! Oh, and act fast! You’ve only got a few days. 

[Feature Image Courtesy dpaki.com] 

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