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Did You Know You Can Get Delicious Wine Delivered Right to Your Door Each & Every Month?!

Nothing makes us say "YAS" quite like a glass of wine at the end of a long day or at the start of a long night.

It's essentially the perfect beverage. Think about it: we get #turnt while still feeling classy AF. (Seriously, is there anything that screams, "I'm a grown ass man/woman" like a wine rack in the kitchen?)

And while we indulge in #WineWednesday religiously, we'd prefer not to confine our enjoyment of such deliciousness to one day of the week.

This is where Winc steps in with their incredible monthly service. They craft "grape-to-glass" wines (meaning they go straight from the vineyard to your hand — no middlemen) and then recommend bottles tailored to your personal tastes. 

You choose any bottles you want, recommended or not, and they deliver your selections straight to your door.

Winc is an incredible wine club that delivers delicious wines specifically tailored to your personal tastes, straight from the vineyard to your door, each and every month.

They offer a huge selection of high-quality wines — and they make all of it themselves. Through Winc, you can select from 180 different wines, made from 80 different varietals and in 20 different countries. 

Last year alone they shipped 3.5 million bottles to wine lovers like you. That's a lot of wine! 

And for only $39 per month, you can get your hands on 3 bottles that have been selected specifically for you. And if you order 4 bottles, shipping is totally free!

How exactly does Winc select wines for each customer, you ask? 

Well, once you sign up, you'll be given a Palate Profile quiz to determine which wines are best for you. You'll answer 6 quick and easy questions on foods you like, and then you'll receive recommendations for your specific palate. 

You'll also be able to rate the wines after you've tasted them. This way, Winc gets to know your likes and dislikes over time so they can continue recommending the best wines for you. It's kind of like how Netflix knows which titles to suggest — and yes, we're still watching. 

Your efforts will be rewarded in more ways than one. Recommend 10 wines, and get $10 in credits! 

With Winc, there are no start-up costs, and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Say you've stocked up on wines and want to pass on your shipment for the month — no problem. The "Skip a Month" feature lets you do just that. 

Or if the opposite happens and you're fresh out of that sweet, sweet nectar, Winc offers a "Ship Now" feature if you need next month’s wines sooner than expected. 

Along with your amazing bottles, Winc sends handy wine cards describing each wine's story, tasting notes, and ideal food pairings.

Yeah — no more guessing what actually tastes good with the wine you want to drink. Winc provides delicious recipes for meals you can put together on your own.

Winc is basically a wine lover's dream. It's the only wine club in the nation that gives you complete control, allowing you to create your very own box full of wines recommended for your carefully developed tastes or ones you simply want to drink again and again.

And everything is shipped right to your door — REALLY FRICKIN' FAST. On the East and West Coasts, you can expect your delivery in just 1 day. 

Now that's what we're talking about. So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up for Winc today, and get ready to get your wine on every damn day. 

Sign Up for Winc Here & Get Delicious Wine You Actually Love Delivered to Your Door Every Month.