Can you still technically call it WiLLifest if it's no longer in Williamsburg?

Technically, we're not sure. 

But what we do know is that the three-day film festival is moving Burroughs from its former home in Brooklyn to Hunter College in Manhattan this year.

Catch the event this weekend (starting today!), now relocated across the pond, with a stellar lineup of original films, commercials, music videos and more from some of New York's most creative minds (shout out to my old improv teacher who I just saw pop up in a trailer for a flick premiering there)!

Festival spokesman Michael Helman stated that the move from Williamsburg's Knitting Factory to Manhattan was a chance to "jazz things up" and create a new experience for festival goers. After parties and panels will also be held around midtown.


This transition might be confusing considering many of the films this year feature Brooklyn-centered content including titles like "Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Then and Now" and "Brooklyn Love Tales." 

We're not sure if we should rejoice or complain about the move. Afterall, we're still too sour about all the MTA subway woes to feel confident in our abilities to get across town in a timely manner. 


But one thing's for sure. The films this year are worth it. And we'll definitely be there.

[Feature Image Courtesy Hunter] [via TimeOut NY]