There's a new version of Monopoly out there, but you can't buy it in stores. No, you actually have to grab an apartment from real estate broker Ralph Modica at Compass

Called "Burgopoly," the new Williamsburg spin on the classic game is the brain child of Modica and his team designed as a thank you for their clients.

Whereas some businesses offer clients cash, fancy gift baskets, or even travel packages, Modica went with a classic board game redesign, complete with overflowing bath tubs and bed bugs. 

Copies of their signature "Burgopoly" are in short supply. 

Clients have been receiving "Burgopoly" for about a month now, but you can't really play it unless you know someone who has it-- with one exception.

Modica and his team developed the concept at Pudge Knuckles (184 Kent Avenue), a coffee shop near their office, for over a year. 


As a thank you for all the late night pizza parties designing the game, Modica donated a copy of "Burgopoly" to Pudge Knuckles, where customers are allowed to take it for a spin.

According to Modica, "I really tried to stick with things that were real estate-specific that both buyers and sellers go through." 


These things include the tax abatement on your property expiring, or pulling a bed bug infestation card.

"They're just part of the experience of owning real estate, selling real estate, buying real estate. It's just a game and it's meant to be fun." I don't care where your apartment is, bed bugs are no fun, Mr. Modica...

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