Dressing up as Homer Simpson for Halloween? Well, your costume and plans are about to get even more theme-appropriate.  

And that's not even because Homer Simpson's a safe bet if you're trying especially hard this year not to be a d*ck

William Hallet, a bar in Astoria, has disguised itself as the famous Moe's Tavern from the beloved TV series, The Simpsons.  

The bar is decked out in purple covering with a big red letters.  William Hallet will be serving some classics.  

You can expect to find Homer's favorite Duff Beer, a fire-topped cocktail call Flaming Moe's, Drunken Donuts flavored beer, and of course Million Dollar fries.

This is a continuing tradition for William Hallet.  According to Eater NY, last year the bar was completely transformed into the Bob's Burgers set, and the year prior the theme was, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Classic choices!


The fun does not stop there! William Hallet will also be hosting a DJ and costume contest.  You won't want to miss these spook-tacular events, so mark your calendar for October 29th and 31st.


Check out more pictures of what you can expect here.

[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]