Williamsburg is poppin'. Some will tell you Williamsburg is incredible because it has the best pizza in the country, others will quickly shoot down the neighborhood because of how gentrified it is getting.

Whether you love or hate Williamsburg, there is no question it's on the rise, and it looks like the neighborhood either just scored some major vegan brownie points or lost a lot respect in the eyes of its residents.

A massive new Whole Foods is set to open on July 26th in the neighborhood, thus making it the second Whole Foods in the entire borough.

The massive 51,000 square-foot store will be located at 238 Bedford. There will be two floors of food you can barely pronounce, and even a Luke's Tail Cart so you can have a buttery stick of lobster tail while you feel self-important about shopping at a Whole Foods.

Customers can also expect to see more of Roberta's at this Whole Foods. In addition to their frozen pizza, the famed pizzeria will be selling pastries in a cafe section located in the first floor.

We're sure that there are some who are just head-over-heels about this new Whole Foods, but we can't shake the thought off that Whole Foods last year admitted that they overcharged customers.

Oh, not to mention that locally owned and operated grocery stores are also rotting away as of late.


D’Agostino might go under after 84 years of business. There is also the famed Fairway Market that is running out of shelf life.

But, have no fear New York City! You've got chains coming and they are squeezing us. 

Wegmans is opening in Brooklyn and Trader Joe's is also sprouting up everywhere as well.

Maybe this was bound to happen, maybe we just let it happen and turned a blind eye. We just hope when they make another Williamsburg Monopoly game where the property isn't all heavily trademarked.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Bedford and Bowery]