Have you forgiven Whole Foods yet for this summer's overpricing scandal?

Oh, what's that? You don't remember the scandal? Let us refresh your memory. This past summer, Whole Foods was nabbed in the act of grossly overpricing food products. The city tested 80 different types of pre-packaged foods, and every single one was mislabeled and overpriced.

Whole Foods spent a week denying that anything had ever happened, and then finally released an apology video in July.

Whether or not you've forgiven them for swindling us out of our money, the City of New York hasn't. They're fining the company $500,000.

Well, actually Whole Foods is settling the case for $500K, presumably to risk going to trial and having to pay the city much more.

Since the city initially demanded $1.5 million, we're guessing that was a smart move.

According to The Guardian, Whole Foods said they did experience fewer sales after the bad publicity. So it seems like the city didn't forgive Whole Foods after all.

We're not that surprised. In a city where we're at risk of being duped at every turn, we don't really take kindly to being overcharged and lied to. 


Apparently, Whole Foods has already taken steps to rectify the situation. They've put in place third-party audits to ensure pricing accuracy, and have pledged to give away food for free if customers discover it's overpriced.

The department of consumer affairs said the half a million dollars in settlement money Whole Foods will cough up to the city will go into the city's budget.

suswaid Love this place! #wholefoodsnyc

So next summer when we're rocking out at free concerts and eating all the free food at Grand Central, we can rest easy that we're getting the return on our investment from being conned at Whole Foods.

Central Park Summerstage? That'll be funded by the extra $4.85 the city paid per package of chicken tenders at Whole Foods. Summer Streets? That'll be paid for by the $14.84 extra the city paid for coconut shrimp during Whole Foods' vagabond days.


We would say thank you, but we haven't forgiven you yet, Whole Foods.

For now, we're going to stick with our friends over at Aura Ratingan app brings us to all the farm-to-table restaurants in all the five boroughs. These restaurants have the healthy, organic food that comprise Whole Foods' value. The difference? 

They're honest and genuine, traits we hold in high esteem when we're parting with our cash for food.

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