Makin' Barbecues Great Again: How Does Unlimited Whiskey & Fried Food Sound?

If you're every dude on every dating app ever, you probably consider yourself a whiskey enthusiast. 

Or maybe you're a lady who throws back scotch "like one of the guys," a phrase which should be formally banned from our vernacular forever. 

Whatever the case, we're guessing that a nice cold whiskey or handcrafted cocktail, especially in combination with some of the best fried & barbecued food in New York City, sounds pretty damn good to you.

Which is why you should definitely be at this year's Whiskey Fried Classic, an upscale backyard barbecue event featuring liquors from dozens of distilleries and local bars paired with Southern-inspired dishes from over 20 restaurants. 

Deliciousness in the form of Bareburger, Jacob's Pickles, Sweet Chili, and The Donutologist are just a small sampling of what you can expect from this event. 

There will also be live music, horseshoes, cornhole, a mustache bar (yup), and more. 

You get unlimited bites and sips, and the whole thing goes down at the Brooklyn Expo Center on July 9th.

And GUESS WHAT? We're giving away 2 VIP tickets to the evening session from 6:30 to 9 p.m.


Scoring these tickets not only grants you access to all of the aforementioned goodies, but also to the specialty Prohibition lounge, and samples of rare, top-shelf spirits. 

Enter above to win and get ready to kick off summer in the tastiest way possible. 

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