Yeah it's hard to believe, considering it's 60 degrees outside today, and we're all lunching outside and opting for iced coffees.

Hold on to your hats: it's about to get rull 'North of the Wall' up in here rull quick.

Things are going from zero to sixty tonight, so grab your snuggies, stock up on Ben & Jerry's, and get prepped for the first big NYC storm of 2017.

We put together a lil' timeline for you, as reported by DNAInfo, so you can know what to expect:


Temps are going to keep climbing to the high 50s throughout the day, but don't get too comfy, they'll drop back down to the low 40s after sunset.



Midnight: A snowy/rainy mix will start, but it will still be too warm for any accumulation. 

3 a.m.: Show time. Or should we say... snow time... (GET IT?!) temperatures will finally drop below freezing and the snow will start sticking.

7a.m.: Expect to wake up to at least 3 inches of fresh pow pow on the ground by sunrise. This is when the storm will really start to pick up.

Morning Commute: Travel conditions will be dangerous, with snow dropping at 2 inches per hour and low visibility on the roads. Maybe this is the time to call in and say you'll be working from home?


9 a.m.- 12 p.m.: The storm will dump at least 10-12 inches on the city before noon. PLUS, winds will gust up to 35 mph along the coast in "near blizzard conditions." Yeah. Definitely a work from home kind of day.

Noon: The snow will start to chill out. Literally and figuratively: the temps are going to keep dropping, but the snow will begin to taper off.

Evening Commute: The snow should have stopped by this point, but it's going to be COLD AF by sunset. Bundle up if you were brave enough to go into work and have to trek home through the snow banks.


Friday is going to be nice and dry, but still FREEZING COLD. So all that snow ain't going nowhere anytime soon. Expect icy and dangerous travel conditions. Yo, maybe if this all works out... you'll get a four day weekend!!!

But seriously be careful out there, fam. Bundle up, stay off the roads, and make sure you're prepared for possible power outages.

[via DNA Info] [Feature Image Courtesy Metro UK]