Despite a scare with a few retailers dropping out, the Westfield World Trade Center is opening it's doors tomorrow, Tuesday, August 16th with expected fanfare.

Sure, construction was delayed a few years but that's New York. What's important is that now, you'll be able to take your MacBook downtown to get fixed.

A tourist-trapping 112 stores are slated to open over the next year but a bunch of names you'll recognize will be ready for shoppers by noon tomorrow, like *gasp* the Apple Store, Banana Republic, Cole Haan, H&M, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, and Sephora. 

Also, if you haven't checked out Mario Batali's beautiful new Eataly, tomorrow is the time, if you're up for braving the crowds because they are hosting free pasta-making classes.

 It's time to actually learn how to hand-make pasta, like you've always said you would.

The ridiculously large retail space occupies the World Trade Center's Star Trekky new Oculus, underneath the PATH and subway stations, and inside 3 and 4 WTC. An additional 90,000 square feet of retail will open with 2 World Trade Center in the next several years, according to dnainfo.

Events will run from 12 p.m until 6 p.m. with family-friendly activities and free music– from the cast of Broadway show "School of Rock," the Harlem Gospel Choir, and a mystery A-list performer. 


Sure, it could end up being the Naked Cowboy but won't you be pissed if like Kanye West showed up and you missed it?

Okay, it's probably not Kanye West.


....But it COULD be. YOU DON'T KNOW. (It's definitely not).

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[Feature Image Courtesy westfieldcorp]