Since we can barely afford a one-f*cking-bedroom apartment, we know that for most of us, owning real estate in Manhattan is a mere pipe dream.

...But man, do we love to dream about it anyway.

Check out this cute West Village apartment on West 11th. Yeah sure, we say "cute West Village apartment" and you hear "shoebox" but... okay, it definitely is a shoebox, we can't actually deny that.

But this is totally the cutest shoebox ever.

If you have $675,000 lying around, it can even be yours! Well, scratch that, Curbed reports that while these rare under-a-million listings exist, another unit in the building sold for over $200,000 more than its asking price. But again, we can still dream.

If you had the ability to shell out the cash for this studio, you would come in off the street into a private landscaped courtyard and climb to the top floor of a 19th-century red brick "back house." Clutch.

According to the listing, the apartment is bathed in natural light, also features squeal-worthy amenities such as a wood-burning fireplace, a medallion-wrapped chandelier, baseboard molding, "soaring ceilings," and hardwood floors.

We kind of want to call bullsh*t on the "soaring ceilings" because how is that possible but the HGTV fans in us are blinding by the molding anyway.


While we pretty much just need a place with running water, with the prime location and privacy of this spot, we definitely understand why someone's definitely going to snap this place up, maybe even when you're done reading this.

It also allows pets so A+. Anyway, LOOK AT THESE PIX.

[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy StreetEasy]