It seems that quirky food trends know no bounds. And although a raindrop-shaped cake and a rainbow grilled cheese are definitely out there, they sort of make sense. Everyone loves cake, and everyone loves cheese. 

But a recent menu addition to Wendy's in Japan is the most bizarre thing we've seen so far. 

Say hello to their new beef burger, topped with baby corn, cream cheese, cream cheese-based creamed corn, all wrapped up in a pretzel bun.

Why? WHY? WHY?!

They're calling it the "Pretzel Corn Cream Cheese Burger," a title which by itself is enough to have us running in the opposite direction. 

The burger seems to be a random conglomerate of foods that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Wendy's is charging $5.87 for this monstrosity, which in our humble opinions is quite bold.

Apparently, this price point is part of a larger scheme being implemented by fast food chains. Their theory: the weirder the burger, the more people will pay. 

We feel like this logic only goes so far. Once you start adding creamed corn to burgers, you've lost us.



via Time

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[via Time] [Feature Image Courtesy Time]