Whoa, He Did What Now? This Guy Interviewed 538 Naked Happy Girls in NYC?!

To say that the population in New York City contains a colorful cast of characters would be an extreme understatement. 

By this point, almost nothing surprises us. Not even a man whose life's work has consisted of photographing 538 naked women. 

Norwegian filmmaker Rolf Leer is on a mission to seek out New Yorkers from all different walks of life, and get to know them while a little better.

His website and YouTube channel, WELOVENYC, feature a series of three-minute, one-take interviews that tour the homes of New Yorkers and offer unique insight into their lives and routines.

Leer describes the project as simply, “New Yorkers are crazy. In the most positive sense of course. No city in the world has a broader diversity- which makes it a lunatic. 

Through three-minute speed interviews,WELOVENYC invites you backstage, as they are visiting many of the spicy characters in the city. One-take interviews. Three minutes. No manipulation. Lots of inspiration.”

Leer makes a point to interview subjects with a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles, so as to get as complete a picture of New York’s diversity as possible.


This week, Leer takes us inside the Lower East Side home of Andrew Einhorn, a photographer who abandoned the fashion scene to pursue his own project, "Happy Naked Girls", a series of nude portraits of smiling ladies. 

Check out the video below - we know you're curious. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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