#VeryArtsy: You Definitely Need to Check Out This Amazing Mural Project in Queens This Summer

It’s been nearly two years after the demolition of 5 Pointz in Long Island City, and although this memorable landmark is greatly missed -- it’s beautiful to see that street art continues to live a little in Queens.

In fact, New York City has long acted as a blank canvas for many talented graffiti artists.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 140 murals have added color to Astoria once again this summer in honor of the seventh annual Welling Court Mural Project.

This ongoing tradition dates back to 2009, when Welling Court resident Jonathan Ellis reached out to Ad Hoc Art, a dynamic design house and cultural think tank that is dedicated to creative solutions for urban problems.

Ellis’ mission was to bring artists from all around the world to create art specific to Astoria.

Garrison Buxton who is the executive director of Ad Hoc Art told QNS, “People literally come from all over the world that are interested in street art and muralism and graffiti to see what’s here because what’s here is one of the best collections in the world."

Successfully unveiling a cultural aesthetic to the neighborhood, The Welling Court Mural Project, commenced in spring 2010, debuting more than 44 striking art pieces.

Since its inauguration, the collection has grown to 80+ artists and over 120 different works of art.

The muralists for this year include: Abe Lincoln Jr (painter and sculptor), Bishop203 (painter), Icy & Sot (brothers from Iran who depict human rights abuses and injustice in their work).

Don’t miss out in checking out these riveting and beautiful art pieces this summer, which can be found at Welling Court, between 30th Avenue and 12th Street.

You can check out some of the dope shots of the murals below.