WeWork has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to co-working spaces in New York City. We should know - our offices are located at the WeWork in Chelsea.

The company has apparently already generated $16 billion dollars through renting out shared workspaces across NYC as well as other metropolitan areas around the country. From the East coast to the West, WeWork is killing it.

Now, they're taking this venture and expanding it into communal living spaces. 

The rooms come full stocked with apartment essentials, along with communal amenities such as yoga and barre classes and a monthly catered potluck. 

There's also a full-time housekeeping team and all the free coffee, tea, and beer you can drink.

While living with a bunch of strangers is a little weird, this still sounds kinda sweet, right?

The only catch: the price tag (of course). An individual Murphy bed (that pulls down into the living room) starts at $1,375 a month and private rooms start at $2,000.   


WeLive currently only exists in NYC and the Washington D.C. area, but who knows? If the concept proves successful, they could very well expand into other cities across the country. 

On the other hand, we've had first-hand experience with WeWork, and when you have 24-hour access to the facilities, the opportunities to turn that WeWork into a WeLive are abundant. Really, the only thing missing is a shower, but we're down to get creative. 

Just look at all of the possibilities that don't include paying $1,375/month for a Murphy bed! Just don't tell WeWork we've had an intern living there for the past 6 weeks. 

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[via Business Insider] 

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