Good Riddance, January: 8 Things That'll Make This Weekend in NYC Incredible

Well, folks, it's the last weekend of January. Where'd the whole month go? We have no idea either, but we're too busy having a great time to ponder such questions.

Instead of wondering, "How will I pay my rent?" ask yourself instead, "How can I get really drunk and have as much fun as possible this weekend?" 

Responsibility can go by the wayside. This weekend, make crazy choices, get wild, and do something you'll remember for all eternity.

That sounds pretty good, doesn't it? We thought so. Don't let winter win.

Check out a basketball game, a poetry reading, or take a day trip out of the city to go horseback riding, wine tasting, or skiing. We know, that all sounds pretty great to us, too.

NYC has a great weekend in store for you. Read on to find out how to get down.

Friday, January 29th

1. New York Knicks vs. Phoenix Suns (4 Pennsylvania Plaza)

kslife7 Tough loss but great team effort.We will bounce back.Thanks once again @nyknicks fans,you guys are the best!#Knicks #KSlife

Why not come check out the Knicks take on the Phoenix Suns on Friday at Madison Square Garden at 7:30 p.m.?

It'll be a fun night out, you can down some beers and food at Madison Square Garden, though we'd definitely recommend checking out The Flying Puck beforehand - their drink prices are much more reasonable than MSG's.


Plus, we're pretty sure we're going to take the Suns. Like, do you even Porzingis?! Check out tickets here, and remember: a night checking out a basketball game at MSG is always a slam dunk. Kidding. It isn't always. 

If you're looking to watch a win that won't empty your wallet, the Suns game is the move. If you're looking to watch Chef Curry-- kidding. That's going to be a bloodbath. You don't drop nearly $250 on a bloodbath, but if you really want to, get tickets for Sunday's game here

2. Drunk Shakespeare (300 West 43rd Street)

shelbyeisaac I hate comedy #drunkshakespeare

You could use some culture, couldn't you?

We're sorry if the name "Shakespeare" evokes bad memories of your high school English class, but guess what? There weren't any drunk people in your high school English class. At least, we hope not.

Also, guess what? Shakespeare is super famous for a reason: his plays are, like, incredibly profound. Add a really drunk actor to the mix, and well, you've got a pretty good evening ahead of you.

There will be alcohol, laughs, and lots of fun. You could definitely find a worse Friday night activity. There are two shows at Roy Arias Stages on Friday; one at 8 p.m. and one at 10 p.m. Get tickets here.

Saturday, January 30th

3. Ski/Snowboard Day Trip To Hunter Mountain (85 Delancey Street)

huntermountain Good morning from the top of the world or Hunter Mountain. Its a good day to make some turns! #goodmorning #huntermountain #itsagoodday #sunrise

Honestly, we can't think of a better way to spend your Saturday. 

Sure, you have to get up early, but let's talk on the real: When it snowed last weekend, it was gorgeous. This weekend, the snow will have devolved into dark, dirty slush.

You need to get out of the city and get to some real snow, don't you? Whether you're a pro or a beginner, you could spend Saturday rushing down a mountain, tearing up snow.


Your ticket will buy you all-area lift tickets to Hunter Mountain, ski or snowboard rental, and hot drinks to keep you cozy afterward.

Sourced Adventures will provide roundtrip transportation to and from their Lower East Side headquarters. Meet them there at 7 a.m. on Saturday, and get ready to jam. Buy your tickets here.

4. Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival (608 West 28th Street)

theterminalny Saturday (1/30): 10th Annual Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival in @theterminalny event space, The Tunnel. Tickets available at #beerbourbonbbqfestival #foodfestival #nyfood #eeeeeats #beer #bourbon #bbq #thetunnel #barbeque

Uh, do we really need to provide more description than the title of this event?

Okay, if we must, we'll say more. You want to get drunk on beer and bourbon, and completely satiated on bacon, hog, and all things pork, right?

Yeah, we thought you would. If you attend, you'll get a souvenir glass, and if you're one of the first 200 in line for each session, you'll get a collectible "BBBQ Bag."

Plus, you know, you'll get to enjoy food tastings from pit masters, chefs, as well as cuisine from some of NYC's finest BBQ and Southern cuisine restaurants.

There will be seminars in the Tasting Theater, DJs, a bacon eating contest, and a whole hog pulled pork during each session. Uh, yeah, delicious. Plus, you'll also get to drink all the bourbon and beer you can stomach.

Get your tickets here, and do it fast. They're selling out fast.


5. Sad Girl Poems: Christopher Soto (172 Allen Street)

bluestockingsnyc Bluestockings Bookstore & Activist Center is thrilled to announce the signing of a new, five year lease on our storefront at 172 Allen Street! As New York City continues to gentrify rapidly, Bluestockings is as committed as ever to keeping feminist spaces in Manhattan and serving our community. Throughout our 16 years in existence, real estate market values throughout NYC have skyrocketed. The publishing industry has faced new challenges arising from e-commerce and trends of literary commercialization. Independent bookstores and community centers all over have been forced to closed their doors. Bluestockings is one of only thirteen self-described feminist bookstores still standing in the United States and Canada. Our survival is a true testament to the support of and love from our community. Bluestockings Bookstore & Activist Center operates as an all volunteer-run and collectively-powered space, and we work tirelessly to keep our doors open. Our new lease entails significant rent increases that – while manageable – will require increased community support. In future weeks, we will announce a series of community town hall meetings to discuss the fundraising and other support needed to keep Bluestockings thriving for another five years. Bluestockings can only stay open with the continued support of our community. We welcome your any support you can provide. Methods of community support include, but are not limited to: • Purchasing our awesome radical books, zines, crafts, and cafe items, 11 am – 11 pm daily or through our online store • Donating to help ensure our continued existence to our PayPal account at You can also donate via PayPal from this page by clicking the donate button to the right of our website. Choose whatever amount you would like to contribute. Donations are also accepted in store • Attending our sliding scale evening events • Bringing a friend and spreading the word Thank you for believing in our mission and supporting our community center. To another five years of Bluestockings!

You might as well spend the first part of you Saturday evening checking out some poems, right?

We thought so. Christopher Soto's poems center around domestic violence, queer youth homelessness, and mass incarceration which are all important topics indeed.


On Saturday, Soto's chapbook Sad Girl Poems will debut at Bluestockings at 7 p.m., and you can be a part of it. Soto will read alongside Yusef Komunyakaa and Nicole Sealey, both of whom are super famous poets.

Plus, this event is free. If you're looking for a way to impress a date with your knowledge of art and culture without spending any money, we're pretty sure you just found it.

Sunday, January 31th

6. Winter Horseback Riding + Wine Tasting

pamrozell Epic ride today on this marshmallow cream!!! ❄️☃ Curly was excited to run in it today & so was I 😄👍❤️🐴🐎 #blessedbeyondmeasure #wintertime #winterwonderland #winterhorsebackriding #horseandrider #horsesofinstagram #horsesaremypassion #snowismagical #myhappyplace

Sounds rustic, doesn't it? Well, that's just because it is.

Buying tickets to this event will afford you transportation to and from Union Square, and a much needed fresh breath of air out of the city.

You'll get to board a steed like it's the 1600s, and take off on the trails in the Hudson Valley. It doesn't even matter if you've ever ridden a horse before: there will be a guide to help you along the way.

You'll ride for an hour along the gorgeous trails, and then get back in the van and head to a local vineyard to sip wines and enjoy acoustic music.

If you're in, meet outside the Starbucks in Union Square East at 8:45 a.m. Get tickets here.

7. Secret Speakeasy in SoHo (177 Prince Street)

josephkellernyc #museumofinterestingthings #speakeasy #sohonyc #meettup

Sunday funday is supposed to be exactly that: fun. If you're spending Sunday stressing out about the week, cleaning your apartment and grocery shopping, we commend you, but... we think you're doing it wrong.

Also, we have a great idea for how you can enjoy your Sunday: a themed loft party in SoHo.


It's happening at the Museum of Interesting Things, which, at the very least, won't be boring. Also, they're known for throwing the hottest loft parties in SoHo.

There will be short movies, drinks, and food, plus, a special tribute to David Bowie. As in, they'll be playing Bowie vintage on vinyl. There will be Bowie karaoke, and if you dress like Bowie, you'll get a Bowie character gift. Yeah, we know, it's going to be a blast. Get tickets here.

8. Brunch Pajama Party (2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd)

This is what we all secretly want, isn't it? You won't have to get up an hour before brunch and try to do your hair and put yourself together.

"Getting ready" is for the workweek. The weekend is for hanging out in your pajamas, and the Brunch Pajama Party at Angel of Harlem, starting on Sunday at 12 p.m., makes this all possible.

Kathleen Adams will host this party, which will feature hot toddies, drink specials, music, and a special birthday celebration for everyone celebrating birthdays in the house.

There will be food, drinks, and pajamas. Also, it's free, and entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. You do have to register, though, which you can do here.

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