Remember when it was March, and we thought that meant it was going to be warmer outside?

Yeah, well, we're guessing you noticed that didn't happen this morning. We're guessing you were shivering while you walked to work this morning in New York City.

What is going on? Well, we have no idea, but what we do know is that it's supposed to snow. This weekend. 

According to, the temperature should hover between 30 and 39 degrees today, and between 30 and 38 degrees tomorrow.


What else will happen tomorrow? You guessed it: snow. There's a 40% chance of AM snow showers tomorrow, in fact. 

Will there be enough snow for us to sled? Build snowpeople? Trek around Central Park in our snowshoes?

That's all to be determined, but if you were planning to break out your bathing suits and towels to sunbathe and day drink this weekend, we hate to tell you but, you've got to hold off.

Just because it's March doesn't mean we'll be ready to shake the dust off our spring clothes. In fact, we hate to break it to you but you'll have to slide back on your gloves, hats, and scarves. 


In case you weren't already confused enough, the weather is supposed to spike back into the 70s by next Wednesday.

The temperature will climb steadily over the course of next week, jumping to 62 degrees on Tuesday, and a sunny 70 degrees by Wednesday.

Basically, NYC's weather can't make up its mind. One day, it wants to entice us with gorgeous, sunny days where the birds are chirping and we're happy, and the next day it wants to coat the city in wind chills and blankets of snow.


The good news? Amidst all this craziness, there's one solitary comfort: Poncho, the most adorable app that delivers a customizable weather forecast daily.

It'll let you know how the weather will affect your hair, your public transportation, and even wake you up with a song that fits right along with the weather.

Essentially, freezing weather sucks, but Poncho rocks. Get it here.

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