It Doesn't Take Long To Get Tired of Christmas Music: What We're Listening To This Weekend

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We listen to music a lot. Sometimes by the end of the day, our ears are tired of being inside headphones, but we can't help it. We're addicted to music. 

In a City like New York, everyone needs a break. Zoning out on new or previously unheard of music is one of the best things ever. It's like realizing there are more flavors of ice cream than you previously thought. 

So, we're running down a list of what's on our playlists, which artists are peaking our interests, and what new releases we're into right now. It's "What We're Listening To This Weekend."

This week, we've been going hard on hip hop-based and electronic styles. There are digital beats rooted in hip hop by Esseks, Neo-Soul/hip hop from Brooklyn from OSHUN, and Uptown representing with a new track from A$AP Ferg, and more. 

1. A$AP Ferg - "Tatted Angel"

A$AP Ferg is back with this first solo track in about a year, since his Ferg Forever mixtape. 

"Tatted Angel" features a Hit-Boy produced beat and a laid back flow discussing the loss of A$AP Yams and more-- just right for easing Ferg back into rotation.

2. Esseks - Bad Cartoons

Brooklyn-based producer and graphic artist Sam "Esseks" Eckstein has made a splash on the scene with his unique and emotionally driven instrumentals. Plus, he makes his own cover art. 

Featuring a noticeably Dilla-influenced hip hop sound with dosages of contemporary electronic styles, Esseks' beats are multi-purpose, from dance parties to working out and even just cooking dinner or rolling one up. 

You can catch him at Playstation Theater on January 8th in support of Tipper, tickets are right

3. OSHUN - Asase Yaa

OSHUN is two ladies from Brooklyn, NYU grads, with an all-around authentic sound and look. Their style is rooted in laid-back, intellectual, activist, female-driven hip hop/soul like Lauryn Hill or maybe Digable Planets, but updated for 2015 in the beat production.

The interplay between their voices and the stream-of-consciousness type production is infectious. You can chill to it, learn from it, and be inspired by it all at once. Their sound is comforting while confronting contemporary social issues with positive mental outlooks. 

"The Next Day" is one of many highlights.