Pump. Up. The. Jam. 6 Things We're Listening to This Weekend

This week, Kanye West and Beyoncé seemed to dominate the music news. With West debuting his new album at the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show on Thursday, Kanye fans were split between infatuation with the new record and the new installation of Yeezy's steez.

Apparently the album, now called The Life of Pablo, is delayed because, "Chance really wanted Waves on that b*tch," according to Kanye's Twitter. So Chance the Rapper isn't done contributing to the record? We're happy to wait for that. 

Beyoncé stole the show at the Super Bowl halftime, no doubt, but her new music video for "Formation", released the day before, also stirred the pot with Conservatives and, well, racists. 

Cincinnati shoegazers Wussy released a single in support of their new album Forever Sounds, due March 4th. It's called "Dropping Houses (Shake It/Damnably 2016)," and it's big delicious taste of the magic the record will contain.

One of our favorite duos today, OSHUN have a video for their track "Stay Woke." If you think the Beyonce video is powerful, watch this. OSHUN will be playing a DJ set called HONEY on Valentine's Day at Ode to Babel in Brooklyn from 2-6 p.m. 

According to recent tweets, attending HONEY will grant you access to the secret-location after party where OSHUN will perform their new album! 

Take a listen. It's what we're listening to this weekend. 

1. Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

Yeezy Season 3 Recap - Tidal

So Kanye hasn't yet dropped The Life of Pablo, but there is a stream on Tidal of Yeezy's listening party at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. Since then more songs have been added, including "Waves" featuring Chance the Rapper. 


The Tidal stream is about as close as you're going to get to The Life of Pablo. That being said, it's about an hour and a half long-- but worth it. The music starts at about 4:00. 

2. Wussy - "Dropping Houses (Shake It/Damnably 2016)"

There are loads of bands out there today playing psychedelic shimmery music. If you like that kind of thing, Wussy is probably one of the bands you should be listening to. 100%.

Take a listen to their new single "Dropping Houses (Shake It/Damnably 2016)" off their upcoming sixth LP, Forever Music, coming out in early March. They'll be playing Webster Hall the night the album drops, March 4th. You can grab tickets here.

3. Beyonce - "Formation"

There's a reason why they call her Queen Bey: it's because she's powerful and proud. Beyoncé's on top of her game, and part of that for her seems to be celebrating Black History Month (indeed year round) in the public eye with an empowering video and halftime performance. 

While her message is intimidating to some, the majority of decent humans who relish in others succeeding and being happy are thrilled and inspired by Bey's recent releases.

4. Jimkata - In Motion

Ithaca, New York's Jimkata is back with a fan-funded album In Motion, released February 12th. They're an electro-rock dance outfit that's been shaking booties around the nation for a few years now.

In Motion finds the band continuing down the synth-laden dance pop avenue they've been traveling for some time. Each installment of the band's efforts represents a march forward not only in fan base, but in listenability. That is to say, Jimkata just keeps getting better.

5. Rodney Hazard x Chasing Rooftops - TwoForTheRoad

Brooklyn based producer and A$AP collaborator Rodney Hazard released his TwoForTheRoad EP this week, and it's streaming in full on Audiomack. He's also released a eponymous collaborative video with Instagram sensation Patrick Castillo (@chasingrooftops).


The video is soundtracked by the EP and features time lapse footage from six different states and countries including Hong Kong, the Philippines, California, Oregon, and Illinois. 

6. OSHUN - "Stay Woke"

Critically acclaimed afro-futurist neo-soul hip-hop duo OSHUN released a video for "Stay Woke," a track off their 2015 ASASE YAA mixtape back in December. The video, directed, shot, and edited by Chelsea Odufu, is compelling, funny, horrifying, beautiful, and inspiring at points. 

The video tracks the ladies portrayed in a number of ways society conditions to stereotype people of color, including "The Crazy Witch Doctor" performing a traditional dance, or "The Suspicious Black Boy" who is shot fleeing from police with a bag of Skittles. 

It's a powerful video but unlike other hip-hop videos that end cynically, OSHUN's vibe is relaxed and uplifting, ending with a sample, "Welcome to your higher consciousness. You have now ascended to your divine path. Feels good, right?"

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