We have quite the exciting variety on the agenda this weekend! 

Come on, a Stranger Things-themed party!? We're picturing all the Elevens' in one place and it's frightening.

Or if you've yet to hop on that bandwagon, no sweat—that's just the beginning. We're talking speak-easies, comedy shows, pasta heaven...

Check it out!

Friday, November 10th

1. NYC Comedy Festival Presents Ron White @ MSG


The NYC Comedy Fest began this past Tuesday and will continue on through the weekend, finishing out on Sunday, November 12th. Ron White is one of the many comics being showcased, best known for his part in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour beginning in 2000. 

Check him out live, or see the lineup for the weekend here!

2. The Other Art Fair Brooklyn


The Other Art Fair has hosted shows around the world, showcasing and selling works from up-and-coming artists. The pieces featured are from a variety of creative mediums, carefully handpicked and showcased for viewing as well as purchasing by fair-goers.

The event will last all weekend so catch the show any day this weekend, during various available time slots, which you can choose when purchasing a ticket!

3. Fridays at Bill's Place


If you're like us, new underground hangout spots in NYC is music to your ears. Starting out back during the Prohibition era, Bill's Place is an incredibly authentic, speakeasy jazz bar. 

If you've yet to make your way to Harlem to check it out, you'll definitely want to do so, and preferably this Friday for special performances by the owner: Bill Saxton.

Also, this place is BYOB, so be sure to make reservations online, come prepared, and enjoy the party!

Saturday, November 11th

4. The Upside Down: A Stranger Things Theme Party


Ooooh yes—this we can definitely get on board with. Brooklyn's Lot 45 is hosting a Stranger Things themed party. While costumes aren't technically required, they are certainly encouraged. Which shouldn't be a problem for such true fans like yourselves. 

There's 80's music, trivia, costume contests, and much more. Must be 21+ to go, and it's free entry if you get there before 11 PM (so make a reservation beforehand). Get on it!

5. Comic Arts Brooklyn


This free event—an annual festival which showcases work from graphic, comic, and cartoon artists—will be held at Pratt Institute. The festival will feature multiple professionals, as well as new artists working in magazine graphic arts, book cover design, and comic books.

Come and explore everything the comic world has to offer, buy a book, and be inspired by the festival that grows in size and extravagance each year. 

Check out the event’s program here!

6. Pasta Fest @ Flat Iron Eataly Location


Does this really need much convincing? if you haven't already heard, the beloved Eataly is hosting Pasta Fest this Saturday, whipping up pasta of all kinds that is sure to be unbelievably delicious and everything we could hope for. 

No registration needed, just grab tickets when you get there @ 23rd street entrance, $5 each. Now let's get to carbo-loading!

7. Whiskey Feast NYC


Attention all whiskey lovers and connoisseurs: this may just be the event of the season. Come party on the Hudson Terrace and enjoy comfort food, live music, and whiskey cocktail tastings galore!

You can enjoy the stunning view of the Hudson River while sipping the day away. We’ll be making an appearance, for sure.

Grab tickets here!

Sunday, November 12th

8. Arts & Drafts

Union Arts Center is hosting Arts & Drafts, from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday. This event showcases collections of arts and craft work for sale as well as decadent sample plates from NYC eateries like Halo and Horns Kitchen plus a ton of local craft beer tastings.

Tickets are only $12 and include access to everything!

9. Join the Voices! NY Fun Run & Walk


Join the Voices is an organization working to raise awareness for a type of cancer which tends to receive less attention and financial support than other, more common forms. The annual event raises money for brain cancer treatments and research, through a run and walk, food, live music, children's games, and much more. 

Join the voices, whether you're an avid runner or just looking to show your support, this will be an impactful and inspiring day. 

Register here, either as an individual or you can form a team!

[Feature Image Courtesy The Other Art Fair] 

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