Whimsical Weekend Guide 😜👀🍁

As October begins, so do some great Fall activities. October is the perfect autumn month since it’s not too cold and there are so many adventurous things to do. This guide will have you rolling in multicolored leaves in no time.

Friday, October 5th

New York City Comic Con (655 W 34th St, Manhattan @ 10 AM)

Comic Con has begun! Full of everything a nerd could want and more, Comic Con is one of the biggest events in New York and draws a crowd that swarms the surrounding area. Merchandise, artists, panels and sneak previews, Comic Con has everything you’re looking for.


Food and Wine Festa (Four World Trade Center, F3 Floor 3, 101 Liberty St, Lower Manhattan @ 6 PM)

This food extravaganza is full of fall tastes and explores twenty unique regions of Italian cuisine. With so many different fancy wines and elegant dishes, an all-access bracelet gets you the full experience.


Oktoberfest Celebration (78 South St Pier 15, Lower Manhattan @ 12 PM)

While this is a multi-week event at Watermark Bar, who wouldn’t want to celebrate on the first Friday of October? Food, beer, games, German things, you know what to expect. It’s Oktoberfest!


Bruno Mars Concert (620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn @ 8 PM)

Bruno Mars is a crazy talented performer that you can’t experience through his music alone. Bringing along special guest Ella Mai, this concert is a great way to start your Fall concert series.


Saturday, October 6th

New York Pizza Festival (Crescent Ave, Bronx @ 12 PM)

What’s more iconic than NYC and pizza? This festival is free to enter, but if you want the pizza you need some tickets. With a beer and wine section as well as water and coffee, this could easily be a whole day event.


Kickoff to Fall (73-50 Little Neck Pkwy, Queens @ 11 AM)

The Queens County Farm Museum is ready for Fall, even if you aren’t. But if you are ready, go pick out some pumpkins at their pumpkin patch! With great fresh air and pumpkins starting at just $4, what better way to start a beautiful season.

Konamon Festival (65 4th Ave, East Village @ 10:30 AM)

The Konamon Festival is a celebration based around a Japanese flour style of cooking an array of food like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and Yaki-soba, and may just be too delicious to pass up. Only the second time this event has been held, get there before your friends to be the coolest in the group!

Harvest and Honey Weekend (2900 Southern Blvd, Bronx @ 10am)

What could be more in the fall tradition than a harvest? Learn about bees, listen to live music and explore a beautiful garden at the New York Botanical Garden.


Sunday, October 7th

NY Jets vs. Denver Broncos (1 MetLife Stadium Dr, East Rutherford, New Jersey @ 1 PM)

Football season has started so go see the Jets take on the Broncos in what is looking like a must-win game for both teams!


Elsie Fest (SummerStage Central Park, Manhattan @ 5 PM)

Stars from both the screen and the stage come to perform their favorite hits, not just their own. Relax with a glass of wine and sing along, it’s got everything you’re looking for (and not a bad date idea).


New York Transit Museum Bus Festival (11 Water Street, Brooklyn @ 10 AM)

Completely free to attend, the Transit Museum has rolled out some crazy cool vintage buses for you to enjoy! Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park this year, you can board the buses for a quick blast from the past.


American Horror Story Trivia (308 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn @ 8 PM)

What’s more spooky than American Horror Story? Think you know all the creepy twists and how the shows all fit together? Come test your knowledge and have a few drinks!

October has started, but that doesn’t mean you should be running to your blankets just yet! There’s still so much sun to enjoy and leaves to jump into, so get jumping!

If you're looking for something to do later in the month, take a glance at our monthly guide.

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