Sunny June Weekend Guide ☀️🗽🍻

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The sun is shining, the city is buzzing, and summer is finally here. 

Spend your weekend with a film under the stars, catch Steve Aoki at the Mirage, or even learn to dance a little salsa.

Or stay hydrated with both a whisky and cider tastings.

Either way you spend your weekend, time with friends and family is always a fun time.

Friday, June 8th

APA Presents "Wonder Woman" in Astoria Park (Astoria Park S. and Bimars Blvd, Queens @ 7 PM)



Astoria Park Alliance is playing the box office hit Wonder Woman in Astoria Park.

There will be pre-show live entertainment such as FogoAzul music is an all-female Brazilian drumline, and FREE popcorn to share.

Bring your chair and blankets to overlook the sunset across the East River and enjoy watching the box office hit Wonder Woman.

Nicky Romero (289 10th Ave, Manhattan @ 11 PM)

thevisuallab @worldclubdome #frankfurt #nickyromero 🇩🇪

That’s right, Club Marquee is inviting Nicky Romero and you to Manhattan to party your ass off.

Nicky Romero is a Dutch DJ, who has worked with Tiesto, Fedde le Grande, SVD, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and other famous DJs. He is also famously known for being a close friend of Avicii and produced the highly anticipated single “I Could Be the One” together.  Currently ranking in the Top 50 by DJ Magazine, he usually plays at UMF, Coachella, and EDC, so this is a great chance to party with Nicky Romero in Manhattan!

ThinkOlio | How Great is Gatsby? (Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway, Manhattan @ 7 PM)

emilynbanks "I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." #greatgatsby #greatgatsbybook #greatgatsbycover #greatgatsbyquote #beautifullittlefool

The Great Gatsby is an American Classic, the story of a lousy class lifestyle of Long Islander and his materialism. Though we're familiar with it, are you aware of the hidden symbolism, history, and philosophy hidden within the pages?

Charles Riley, the director of the Nassau County Museum of Art, discuss a few secret aspects of the masterpiece novel.

The WhiskyX Brooklyn: Unlimited Whisky Tastings and Music! (63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn @ 7 PM)

gothamburgersocialclub 🚨💥GIVEAWAY💥🚨 Who wants to go to Whisky X on June 8th? There will be 60 whiskies to try, food, music and more. All you have to do is follow @gothamburgersocialclub @thewhiskyx and comment by tagging the person you'll bring if you win. Good Luck and Cheers 🥃. I'll choose a winner on Friday. ***Must be 21 or older to participate *** . . . #GothamBurgerSocialClub #whiskey #whisky #bourbon #rye #scotch #giveaway #contest #brooklyn #nyc #whiskyx #drinkbrown #thirsty #drinkup #party #nycevents #distillled #dram #neat #festival

Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad. But too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

WhiskyX Brooklyn is an unlimited whisky tasting, gourmet bites, and live entertainment of all sorts.

Taste over 60 premium brands of Whisky and free samplings from some of Brooklyn’s best chefs, and live tunes from indie-pop band Wild Child.

Saturday, June 6th

Pink Floyd Tribute by Mr. Floyd (54-20 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside @ 10 PM)

iconicalbumcovers #PinkFloyd, 'Dark Side of the Moon' (1973) This simple art says so much. The light going through a prism and coming out as a rainbow was meant to convey the band's stage lighting and the album's lyrics. And, as evidenced by the number of t-shirts bearing this image today, the prism has become synonymous with Floyd itself. #greateastAlbumCover #VinylCollection #Vinyl #VinylRecord #VinylOfTheDay #vinyladdicted #VinylLove #savethevinyl #billboard @billboard

If you love the old rock n’ roll, you should be in love with Pink Floyd as well.

Pink Floyd, an English rock band formed in 1965 and one of the founding fathers of psychedelic rock culture.

Inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and UK Music Hall of Fame and this band had sold more than 250 million records worldwide.

This weekend, Mr. Floyd takes the stage to perform a tribute to Pink Floyd.

Hard Cider Festival (72 Noble St, Brooklyn @ 5:30 PM)

skibeernyc Come check out our featured #cider makers at Pour The Cure #HardCider Festival all day tomorrow at the #Brooklyn Expo Center #applecider #ciderlife #ciderfestival #greenpoint #bkexpocenter #pourthecure #skibeernyc

You thirsty?

 Pour The Cour is inviting you to experience the finest locally and internationally produced ciders.  

More than 75 styles of cider produced by over 40 different makers,  including New York favorites  Big Apple hard Cider, Original Sin, Angry Orchard, and Woodchuck Hard Cider.

Fashion & Beauty Tour (1000 5th Ave, Manhattan, @ 4 PM)

shadyladiestours You want a #nasty #woman? You could hardly do better than Frances Howard, Countess of Somerset! After the annulment of her marriage to the Earl of Essex (the son of Elizabeth's favorite—who seems to have been unable to have sex with her because she was so intimidating—she married James I's handsome favorite Sir Robert Carr. They then proceeded to poison Carr's advisor Sir Thomas Overbury. Usually, rumors of poisoning from premodern periods strike us as dubious, but this one seems well-founded. They were sent to the Tower—and she, though not he, confessed—but they were both spared punishment and released, presumably because of the king's love for Carr. It's a little unclear what it was all about, but Frances Howard was certainly nobody's doormat.... Curious about Nasty Women in history? Find out at the #Metropolitan on Saturday afternoons. #franceshoward #nastywoman #painting #art #culturalhistory #newyorkcity

Fashion is the way to live in the reality of everyday life.

This Saturday, Nasty Women Tour team is taking you to the Fashion & Beauty Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  and highlighting notable women throughout history rocking hairstyles of Imperial Romans, neck rings of African chieftains, foot-high wigs of the 18th century, and accessories from the Renaissance.

UnWelcome Home: Imagining Immigrants on Film and in Real Life (180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, @ 7 PM)

c.linefilms See you in Brooklyn! #aobff18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #blackmemorabilia #brooklyn #brooklynfilm #filmfestival #aobff #documentary #june

America is mixed. America is immigrants. But, how hard is it for recent immigrants to live and survive in today’s world?

For the last day of the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, they will be screening clips from Hola Kitty, Umbrella House, Apparition, and Three Trembling Cities to show the effects of harsh policies on the current immigrant population; examining their lives and labors.

The screen will be followed by a  conversation about immigration issues and policies.

Sunday, June 10th

Dim Mak Neighborhood with Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Carnage (140 Stewart Ave, Brooklyn, @ 3 PM)

joohyuniii 아침에 스티브아오키 스토리 중 뉴욕에서 페스티벌할거라고 해서 알게 된 #dimmak 👻 혼자 잘 놀고 와봅니댜🙌🏻 설레..❤️

Steve Aoki and Dada Life are coming to NYC at The Brooklyn Mirage, and it’s gonna be lit!

Steve Aoki, one of the most famous DJ's in America,  known for his music with Afrojack, Linkin Park, Lil Jon, and his wild stage performance.

Dada Life is a Swedish duo, known for partying with champagne and bananas.

You should not miss out on this event, it's bound to be a great night.

New York Brass Festival at The McKittrick ( 530 W 27th, Manhattan @ 2 PM)

nyhotjazzfest No there won't be strings attached at NEW YORK BRASS FESTIVAL on Sun June 10 at @theMcKittrick. It's a brass festival after all. TKTS: #brassband #brassfest #brassmusic #brass #brassparty #danceparty #hotbrass #nyc #nybf #nybf2018 #nybrassfest

NY Brass Festival is premiering this weekend.

A collaboration between the McKittrick Hotel and World Music Institute, the dance party, will have its soundtrack provided by 10 exhilarating NY Brass ensembles playing different genres of music.

Be prepared for a crazy dance party and swing your hips away along.

Free Outdoor Latin Dancing on the Pier Lessons (Pier I Cafe, 500 W 70th St, Manhattan @ 5:30 PM)

anyakatsevman Hello summer you’re finally here. And for most people it means rest and time off. For me, off season is training season. You know that excuse we make to not better ourselves because we’re sooo busy, summers are perfect to step up our training game. Take more time to work on you; whatever that may entail. The weather is great, the mood is set and it’s a perfect way to set up a great next work year and have something incredible to look forward to, a better you means a better year to come. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And for those of us who do not take/have time off, ask yourselves if it’s possible you’re staying so busy to avoid making personal progress.—————————————————here’s to a great summer everyone stay in tune with all the great things happening around you this summer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ photo credit @franklin_liranzo location @centralparknyc featured dancers @luis_i_santiago @anyakatsevman

What would life be without a little bit of salsa?

Learn how to dance salsa, cha-cha, and bachata by master latin dancing teachers from Piel Canela Dance School, featuring live Latin music by UneekSounds Entertainment, Dj Ray Colon.

Sweat it out, dance wide, and make friends and fall in love with the music, dance, and people.

Cube of Truth: New York City (Union Square Park, Manhattan @ 12 PM)

rossydreads The truth is black and white. Expect us. . Simply living as a vegan and not participating in animal exploitation is not enough. If we want to see a vegan world and save the planet we must ALL be active. See you on the streets this Saturday in Nottingham.

Fight against it.

Cube of Truth is a public outreach event to show the public the “food animals” experience in the animal agriculture industry.

This event will try to lead bystanders to a vegan conclusion through some of the local standard-practice animal exploitation footage and conversation.

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