Welcome to June, Your Weekend 'What To Do' Guide 🎞🍻🏳️‍🌈

Summer has started early in the city, people are rocking summer whites, leaving early on Friday, and grilling on the weekends.

The city is alive with plenty to enjoy and explore. From cultural events to beer festivals we've got you covered.  

Friday, May 31th

Ukrainian Film Festival (Ukrainian Museum 222 East 6th Street, Manhattan @ 7 PM)


The organizing force behind this one of a kind film festival, The Ukrainian Museum (UMFF), is responsible for locating, preserving and displaying articles of artistic and historic value which highlights the culture of Ukrainian Americans. This film festival seeks to do that same thing through the forms of film, which gives a stage to upcoming actors, writers, directors and editors working collectively on each film debuted.

Free Ball Friday (200 9th Avenue, Manhattan @ 3 PM)


It’s amore, in a bowl and splashed with sauce! If you’re a fan of meatballs, you’ve got to head to The Meatball Shop and sample their menu of different meatballs. One item separating their establishment from other eateries include the veggie ball, an innovative twist that invites everyone to enjoy a sub no matter what their diet variation. In celebration of their epic streak, they’re hosting Free Ball Friday, a bowl of balls at no cost to you. Find out more about the details and hurry over before the supplies run out.

Movie On The Intrepid (Pier 86, 12th Ave. & 46th Street, Manhattan @ 5 PM)


The Intrepid Air & Space Museum’s monumental flight deck is welcoming movie lovers aboard. Although you should arrive early, there will enough space beneath the stars and open sky to accommodate those desiring to watch a flick on a ship. Those first to come and arrive are also able to enjoy complimentary popcorn too. The setting will be simultaneously tranquil and exciting as the blockbuster, “Dunkirk” plays on the water with insane views of the skyline.

Saturday, June 1st

SummerStage (5th Ave, Manhattan @ 6:30 PM)


Free concerts with the fresh air flowing against your skin and a dope setlist? Check. The SummerStage concerts are up and running this summer, with their first launching tonight. Catch the opening night performance from Emily King, Durance Jones, Mad McFerrin, and Dj Reborn. Arrive early and in your best dancing shoes to enjoy the outdoorsy mix of nature, good vibes, and tunes. Check out the website for more entrance information and upcoming artists performances.

Bushwick Collective Block Party (Troutman St & Scott Ave, Brooklyn @ 10 AM)


The Bushwick Collective is back for another festive celebration that is the epitome of summer! The Bushwick Collective Block Party is being held under the sun and features over 40 legendary artists and performers that are headlining figures in entertainment, specifically in Hip-Hop. Enjoy drinks, giveaways, and bites available for purchase and mingling with other creative and adventurous people on the hunt for fun and good vibes. There will be a huge market of vendors selling prints, cloths, glass, portraits and countless other goods.

Five Points Festival (72 Noble St, Brooklyn @ 6 PM)


Craft beers, indie toys, and other collectibles are lining up to wow crowds at the Five Points Festival. There will be a Designer Toy Awards ceremony hosted by Sean Leonard, live painting performances, indie comic displays, Kaiju & Sofubi and a film screening throughout the duration of the event. If you’re straddling the line between your inner child’s disinterest in adulting, this event completed with figurines and IPA’s is just what you need!

Sunday, June 2nd

Figment NYC (900 Main St, Manhattan @ 10 AM)


Roosevelt Island’s beautiful location will serve as the backdrop for the 2019 Figment NYC event. The entire event is centered on art and experiencing it on a deeper level. The family-friendly event will feature live art installations over the portion of the island known as Lighthouse Park. What makes this art event different is it’s solely participatory nature, calling only the most creative and wonder-filled minds to share what they’ve worked on with visitors in a nonconformist setting.

NYC Handmade Bazaar (100 West 77th Street, Manhattan @ 10 AM)