Second Weekend in April Guide 🗽☔️🌸

April has brought sun to the city and the flowers to a full and bight bloom. Enjoy everything from floral shows to parties in the guide below.

 Friday, April 12th

The Orchid Show ( 2900 Southern Blvd, the Bronx @ 10AM)


Tall healthy botanic displays are flourishing in the city! Springtime welcomes flushing color and delightful scents, some of which take center stage at the New York Botanical Garden. Thousands of orchids fill the conservatory, in an amazing assortment of colors, shades and sizes, attracting tons of city folk in need of some nature.

Fusion Lounge Unik Friday (34-19 Steinway, Queens @ 9 PM)

In the mood for a night of dancing? If you’re looking for lots of hip hop and Latin music, good drinks, small plates, and smooth hookah, Fusion Lounge is hosting Unik Friday. The small lounge is full of festive lights and amazing speakers, as well as timely and attentive staff. Women drink free at the open bar until midnight!

The Nerdlesque Fest ( 1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn @ 8 PM)


Tassels and prescription glasses crossroads on the boardwalk. This original festival combines two things in a surprising fashion, the art of burlesque and nerd centered culture! Created in 2014, visitors get to view performances of a cabaret-style that celebrate nerdy pop culture. It is a showcase of the best acts in the quickly growing Nerdlesque field.

Saturday April 13th

Seventh Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo ( 79 Franklin Street, Brooklyn @ 10 AM)


Get your glass of milk ready! A little spice goes a long way, and the experts are showing us how in this hot sauce centered Expo! The event features free tastings of specialty hot sauces from all of the vendors, lots of different food on sale ranging from Vegan bites to traditional BBQ, refreshing cocktails and different beers.

Black Web Fest 2019 ( 155 Water Street, Brooklyn @ 12 PM)


A festival is celebrating the content creators and digital media figures in black communities, showcasing innovators in the fields of film, media, discovery, and technology. There will be wine tastings, educational panels and most excitingly featured films from the speakers themselves.

Springtime Fair & Fleamarket ( 82-60 Austin Street, Queens @ 9AM)

A walk in the sun while viewing art and trinkets is all anyone needs on a Sunday. Small handmade creations will be on sale amongst different vendors at the fair and flea market. Interestingly, if you’re not looking to buy anything artisan crafted, you can always meet the cats and dogs up for adoption and take one home!

Sunday, April 14th

NYC Maple Fest (100 West 77th Street, Manhattan @10 AM)


How many ways can maple syrup shine? New York is hosting its first ever Maple focused festival! Maple syrup on waffles, maple infused desserts, infused maple strips and maple flavored beverages are front and center in a rare celebration of maples bold and warm sweetness. Visitors will have access to the collection of rare and delightful treats.

Hokkaido Beer & Dr. Clark’s Hokkaido Festival (25 Essex Street, Manhattan @ 11 AM)

A taste of Japan is only a ticket away. For the first time ever, jingisukan chef Ogata-San will prepare BBQ lamb among an assortment of Hokkaido fruit and Otaru beers. Entry to the public is free but tickets are available for access to the Hokkaido menu of dishes and beverages.

Veggie Pride Parade (Union Square, Manhattan @ 11 AM)


In the return of this annual parade, vegetarians and vegans come together to celebrate and inform the public. Visitors can arrive in their own costumes that are expressive of animal-friendly or eco-conscious lifestyles and watch the parade take place. 

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