First Weekend Guide of the Year ✨📅💃

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 Congratulations, you made it to 2019. Kick it off with a weekend you'll never forget. Enjoy some dancing and a bit of champagne to celebrate the start of a new chapter.

Channel that "New Year, New Me" energy and check out where to boogie down tonight below. 

Friday, January 4th

Animaniacs in Concert at The Cutting Room (44 E. 32 St, Manhattan @ 9:00)

cuttingroomnyc This happened! #trombonita #bluechacha #inthehouse #youneedtobehere #stopin #haveadrink #hearsomemusic #nyc #entertainment

Follow your favorite animated siblings - Yakko and Wakko, and their sister, Dot - live in concert at The Cutting Room

2019 Astrology with Nadine Jane at Mejuri NYC (43 Spring St, Manhattan @ 7:00 PM)

nadinejane_astrology Hello 2019 👋🏻 Born February 19-March 20 ♓️ also if you’re a Pisces Rising this applies to you too!

Nadine Jane will be talking all things astrological for 2019 at Mejuri NYC.

Head over to hear what the new year has in store for each sign, major eclipses and celestial movements that may impact their courses. Plus an open Q+A section to finally know if you’re ever going to get the guy or win the promotion.  and have any of your questions and Q&A.

Make sure to stop by the gift shop to take home a Zodiac Necklaces, and limited edition horoscope posters written by Nadine Jane, designed by Mejuri.

Daft Disko - A French House & Disco Party (361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn @ 11:30 PM)

knittingfactorybk FRIDAY 1/4! 💎💎💎 Daft Disco ~ A French Touch & Disco House Party w/ DJ Flying Horse + @alexenglishgnb ✨ FREE w/ RSVP!

The Knitting Factory hosts Daft Disko, a night of French Touch, French House and Disco House. The night of dance oh la la is inspired by the sounds of Daft Punk, Stardust, Cassius, Todd Terje, and Disclosure to name a few.

With sounds directed by DJ Flying Horse and DJ Alex English you’re bound to be twerking all night. Free Til Midnight With RSVP

Friday Night High on Bass Yoga with Nikki and Dreeemy (380 Jefferson St, Brooklyn @ 7 PM)

dayayogastudio ⚫️:: DAY 4! 30 Day Challenge ::⚪️ . Lateral Shoelace pose 👟 with @kickbackyoga and @emily_cremona . BENEFITS: This Yin posture is a great hip opener and also serves to elongate the side body! Use it to activate sacral and grounding energy. . Get inspired! Join us today for class to continue the challenge!

BASS YOGA is designed to be an experience in bonding back with the Source.

In opposition to the silence or zen soundtracked typical Yoga class, High on Bass Yoga incorporates a live DJ blueprinting the music to moves you in that specific moment. 

A myriad of bass, future bass, chillstep, trip/hop, psychedelic, deep house, tribal rhythms, and ambient tones (All set to powerful binaural beats) the vibes are sure to further your connection and deepen your grounding.

Saturday, January 5th 

Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum: New Year, New Futures (200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn @ 5 PM)

gillianelyse Art party! #targetfirstsaturdays

Target First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum is a night of free art, music, and dance.

New Year, New Futures will feature music by Nova Trek, Bembona and Young Baris plus hands-on art, poetry pop up, a performance of Neptune, plus a community talk focused on immigration rights.

Snow Tubing and Brewery Tour! (85 Delancey St, Manhattan @ 2:15 PM)

adventurecafe The Member Mug is here! Help us reduce waste at the cafe by purchasing a @miir tumbler (members get 50% off). Keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot! . . . #greenplanet #gogreen #loveyourplanet #oneearth #savethenature #noplanetb #lovetheplanet #greenearth #conciousconsumer #sustainable #ecofashion #ecoconscious #ecocafe #reuse #reusable #adventurecafenyc #lowereastside #nyccafe

Enjoy a 2 hour night snow tubing session at Mountain Creek, followed by a visit to a local brewery with a hearty dinner, plus roundtrip transportation from New York.

Afraid of getting cold while tubing? Worry not, there is a bonfire at the base of the hill to keep you warm between laps. After a solid time on the hill, hop back on your luxury coach bus for a ride to a nearby brewery where a hearty dinner and brewery samples await.

Relax and Breathe - Montauk Salt Cave (90 East 10th St, Manhattan @ 45 Minute Sessions)

montauksaltcavewest Perfect day for post-holiday snuggles inside the cave ✨ Give us a call to reserve your spot! ✌🏼 UPCOMING EVENTS: 12/28 Kundalini Yoga at 10am ➿ Reiki Healing Circle at 5pm; 12/29 Reiki Healing Circle at 1pm; 12/30 Reiki Healing Circle at 12pm . . . #montauk #huntington #saltcave #salttherapy #halotherapy #speleotherapy #himilayanpinksalt #breathewell #breathe #holistichealth #holistic #natural #therapeutic #rest #relax #rejuvenate #meditate #detox #cavedays #letsgetsalty🤗

Get your New Year New You Zen cleansed with halotherapy. Create a sense of peace and serenity, while simply breathing in the beneficial, negatively-charged, ionized salt particles along with the 84 trace elements and minerals that the salt contains.

Chill out for 45 minutes inside the salt cave, you will relax in a zero-gravity chair inside a dimly light environment soundtracked to meditation music while the twinkling lights above and the beautiful salt fireplace help you feel comfy and cozy.

CANAL OPEN STUDIOS | Studio 2: Jojo Abot (318 Canal St, Manhattan @ 6 PM)

wallplaynetwork CANAL OPEN STUDIOS | Studio 2: Jojo Abot at 318 Canal opens Saturday at 6pm. POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN is an immersive experience and installation that exists as a call to ReMembrance, Meditation and Rebirth. A sacred space and time designed with elements to provoke ancestral memory, awaken spirit and lock arms with community towards greater SELF discovery, reflection and evolution. @jojoabot #oncanal #canalopenstudios

POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN is an immersive experience and installation that exists as a call to ReMembrance, Meditation and Rebirth.

A sacred space and time designed with elements to provoke ancestral memory, awaken spirit and lock arms with community towards greater SELF-discovery, reflection, and evolution.

Sunday, January 6th

Tarot 101 (987 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn @ 6:00 PM)

born_under_saturn_ ✨🌚Some of you have told me to be interested in the meanings explanation of the minor arcana soooo.. today I would like to talk about the suits of Swords. . .✨The Suits of Swords are connected to the air element and to mental activity and intellect. The air element has male energy, symbolically represents action, strength and power (constructive or destructive). If the suits of cups represent our emotional side, the swords represent the mental one. Swords usually represent challenges that require the intervention of our intellect and mental powers to be overcome, they do not always predict a challenge but often advise what attitude to adopt in order not to meet it. . . ✨When in a reading, most of the cards are swords the message is clear: although many people see negative messages in these cards, they often comes up to suggest that we need to revise our attitude towards life, our mental setting or our mental rules. ✨ . . . . #tarot #tarotcards #tarotcommunity #tarotreadings #tarotspread #tarotlover #thewitchyclub #witchessociety #wicca #wiccanwitch #witchcraft #witchery #witchywoman #bruja #sacred #crystal #flatlay #flatlay_ua #theartofslowliving #slowliving #bohostyle #bohochicdecor #bohemian #aquitestyle #still_life_gallery #flowers #paganism #oraclecards #antiques #antique

Welcome to Tarot 101, a comprehensive intro course on the mystery and magic of Tarot.

The course is broken down over four weeks over which you’ll explore the 78 cards.

This course is designed to be accessible and easy to follow along, as it is structured around establishing an understanding of how to read the cards as a whole, instead of attempting to memorize each individual card's standalone meaning.

This Sunday marks week one, discuss the basics: the history of the tarot, how to interpret the cards, the suits and classes of cards, and  shuffling the cards.

Annual Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA) Membership Meeting (1335 Avenue of the

Americas, Manhattan @ 9:00 PM)

womenofcolorinthearts The NEW American Woman! Regeneration: A Gathering of WOC in L.A.

WOCA is in the business of holding space for women of color.

This event marks the Annual Membership Meeting and Informational Session will be held on

Please note that you do not have to be a dues-paying WOCA member or registered for the APAP conference in order to attend (although we encourage you to officially join both). This meeting is specifically open to current and prospective WOCA members.

Monique Heart from RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 4 at LookQueen in NYC (40 Ave C, Manhattan @ 9:00 PM)

iammoniqueheart Hello World , Hello America Brown Cow Stunning is Available On all streaming platforms Stay tune after Vh1 all stars season four to watch The Premiere video of #browncowstunning .

Monique Heart from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 + All-Stars 4!

She's brown cow stunning her way into America's hearts and coming to twirl with LookQueen in NYC! 

LookQueen is a unique nightlife event that celebrates the art form of Drag and it's many variations through uniqueness and diversity. The central focus of the night is a contest to see which up-and-coming drag performers can think outside of the box to turn heads the best.

The last Sunday of the month we have a themed preliminary where the winner receives $200 cash and entry to the LookQueen Finale hosted by Bob The Drag Queen (creator of LookQueen) and Dusty Ray Bottoms with a cash prize of $3000.

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