You may see some goats wandering around Prospect Park these days.

If you see said goats, you should probably leave them be, because they're on the clock 24/7.

In an effort to get rid of all of the weeds in Prospect Park's Vale of Cashmere, the goat squad that rid the park of all of its unwanted plants two months ago have returned.

The goats made their first appearance in the park in May of this year, but were too efficient at their job and were removed once all of the weeds were gone in June.

Every person who's ever had to deal with weeds will tell you one thing, they'll always grow back.

Thankfully for the goats, they're back on the payroll and back to munching on weeds in the Vale of Cashmere.

Curbed reports that the goats are back once again as part of the Prospect Park Alliance's mission to clean up and improve the Northeast corner of the park, which includes the Vale of Cashmere as well as the Rose Garden.


Those who frequent Prospect Park have complained that the area is not very popular due to its tainted reputation.

This section of the park has been reported as the site of many drug transactions, as well as a hotbed (GET IT?) for sexual activity.


Now these goats are back to keep all drug lords and frisky teens away from their turf.

Do you, weed goats, do you.

[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]