Did you know Webster Hall turns 130 years old this year? Pretty wild, we know. 

If you haven't heard about East Ville Des Folies happening next Saturday at Webster Hall, here are the details. (P.S., it's probably going to be one of the craziest events to hit New York City this month.) 

This prohibition style tasting event will remind New Yorkers how badass it must have felt to get drunk when getting drunk was illegal. You know, during the days of Webster Hall's infancy.

The event won't be illegal like a pre-21 sip of beer. It'll be totally and completely smashed illegal. Okay, it's not really illegal, but it'll be fun to pretend, right?

Also, we’d like you to maintain enough sobriety to it back to your apartment afterward, but we believe in you. We also want you to have a really great time.

This event will go down at Webster Hall on January 16th from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. There will be performers from several 1920s genres: burlesque, trapeze, swing jazz, circus performers, and bands.

It'll be beer-and-whiskey-fueled foray into the past. We’re envisioning an entire day of prohibition-era dancing and drinking, and then an entire evening of, well, however you decide you'd like your evening to go.


There will be more varieties of whiskey and beer than we could possibly count, but we're thinking you could aim for quantity here: try and sample as many different types as you can.

Bringing someone special with you is always a good idea, and if you come with a crew of your pals, you might even meet a cuddle pal at the event. You never know.

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So come through and pretend Al Capone is there, pouring booze in his mouth next to you. There will beer and whiskey, and there will be plenty of celebration. 

With four floors of beers and whiskey, how can you go wrong? Get your tickets here.

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