Mother Nature is giving us a serious case of whiplash. 

Just when we think we're going to be getting some seasonal (aka normal) weather, we're thrown through a loop. 

What are we talking about? 

Oh, the fact that a light snow covered the ground a mere three days ago, yet might see temperatures as high as 73˚F on Wednesday. 

What does 73˚F feel like? Oh, it feels like weather we're supposed to have in New York City in late May. 


Actually, this week's temperatures could break all sorts of records, with temperatures across the North East warming up with temperatures 15˚-30˚F above average. 

Currently, the record high temperatures for March 9th in NYC is a recorded 69˚F in 2000. 

Speaking of record temps, remember we just got out of the warmest year on record. Are we already on pace to break that? Who can say for sure?

It's definitely something to keep track of. 

So even though you might want to break out your board shorts and sundresses, the warmth may be relatively short lived, with temperatures dropping back into the high fifties, low sixties by this weekend. 

Regardless, we're looking forward to a taste of spring as NYC heats up due to an area of high pressures between the Carolinas and Bermuda. 


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[via AccuWeather] [Feature Image Courtesy AccuWeather]