For many of us here in New York City, especially women, our disappointment in the election results had nothing to do with party lines and political loss. 

Whatever your personal feelings were during the election, it was an historical moment—a step towards shattering America's highest glass ceiling that was never completed.

On Wednesday, November 30th, head to Hudson Terrace for #WeAreHer - A Night of Women's Empowerment to engage in a meaningful dialogue and learn more about what we can do to continue supporting women.

You can vent, but also celebrate while banding together with others who embody the true essence of women's empowerment.

Get inspired by motivational speakers while you sip a cocktail (or three) and indulge in some desserts by Atwood and Burke's Bites– let's just call this cheat month.

You could also consider de-stressing with meditation and yoga from BoHo Yogo, but Kickbox Haus will also providing punching bags if that's more your speed. 

Clay Gym and Pretty Please Nail Polish will also pamper you with mini massages and manicures.


This night is all about self-care but also serves as a productive outlet for the passion and energy this election has inspired in some of us. All the ticket sales and event proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood and StepUp.


The party runs from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. Tickets begin at $15 and include a cocktail; pick yours up now

[Feature Image Courtesy Distractify]