6 Underrated Ways You Definitely Need to Spend Valentine's Day Weekend in NYC

Still looking for a Valentine's Day date? We feel you, we're procrastinators, too, so we're in the same boat.

Valentine's Day weekend is going to be busy, so if you're still looking for a romantic setting for you and your sweetheart, stay away from the typical, overrated spots that will be overrun by the lovey-dovey masses this weekend.

Don't know where to celebrate your love for your sweetheart? Are you actually just looking for a killer fun time? You're in luck.

New York City is full of freaky sh*t, a lot of which may seem a bit off putting, but ends up being more fun than a monkey with a banana.

Here are some underrated Valentine's Day date night ideas that you can pull off this weekend:

1. Go to a Burlesque show

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Valentine's Day is all about love and romance, but it's also become a day for new lingerie and bedroom toys. Instead of getting real freaky on V-day and scaring away your crush, how about you start off easy and have a Burlesque show date?


Burlesque isn't necessarily stripping... yes, clothes do come off, but they come off gracefully and beautifully. Plus, you know that you were obsessed with Christina Aguilera in Burlesque, so why not go witness the real thing?  Regardless of your sexual preferences, you'll both have a good time. 

2. Play "geeks who drink" trivia at the Bronx Alehouse

bitetritious Holidays = catching up with best friends with food and a drink. Checking out a local resturant @bronxalehouse that serves local beer on tap! #bitescovery #bronx #local #nycfood #nyceats #celebration #bronxalehouse

Every Sunday night, the Bronx Alehouse throws some of the most awesome trivia in NYC. Luckily for you, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, so how about you and a couple of others head over to the Bronx for a couple of beers and an epic battle of wits. 

We only recommend this if your significant other neither cares about your limited skills in the trivia game, nor your impressive arsenal of useless, generally unnecessary information. 

3. Go on a tour of the oldest pizza places in NYC

smichelle_d ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ• #littleitaly #nyc #lombardis #pizza #delicious #wegrubbin

Pizza is the language of love. Or at least, that's the language of love that we speak. New Yorkers love pizza, and pizza loves New Yorkers. It's just a mutual relationship that never seems to let us down. 


So instead of trying to live up to ridiculous expectations, how about you map out a tour of the oldest pizzerias in NYC? Your date will also be impressed with your knowledge of pizza, ability to wolf down an entire pie, and planning skills. You're a keeper. 


4. Go for a boozy dessert

darrenkosinski Sweet Revenge. #cupcakes #beer #wine #winning

Guess what NYC? Some geniuses have recognized that booze and baked goods pretty much go hand in hand, and are baking up boozy desserts right here in the city. So instead of being boring and just going for drinks or dinner, how about you skip it and go right for dessert? 


We recommend Sweet Revenge for a baked good and booze pairing like a cupcake and beer or cheesecake and wine pairing. Or, have your cake and booze together at Prohibition Bakery with a margarita cupcake complete with tequila and triple sec. 

5. Get a meal with a great view... from the other side of the Hudson

na_sti Dinner with a view #happy5yearsbabe#nyc#view#hudson

Have we ever encouraged you to go to New Jersey? Nah, we didn't think so, but we're telling you that it's the perfect spot for a romantic date that your Valentine won't be expecting. Yes, we said romance and Jersey in the same paragraph. Hear us out.

Head over to a restaurant like Molos Restaurant in Weehawken, NJ for some spectacular Mediterranean-inspired seafood and uninhibited views of the Manhattan skyline. Even better? Take the ferry across for a full-fledged romance experience that you won't forget.

Again, it's in Jersey, but how often do you ever consider getting the best possible view of NYC's skyline somewhere other than NYC? 

6. Go rock climbing

ryanjbriggs Rock Climbing with bae @acstroup

Ever been rock climbing? No? Who knows, you might be a natural Tarzan just waiting for your time to climb, or shine, or whatever the saying is. 

Plus, you don't really have to have any equipment. Sure, you can bring your own harness, carabiner, shoes, and chalk bag, but you don't need to. 


Most of the indoor rock climbing facilities in NYC have rentals and have people who are belay certified to keep you safe while climbing. 

Plus, those harnesses really make your butt look good. Quick tip for ladies and gents: don't wear shorts... harnesses and shorts don't really mesh. Opt for comfortable jeans or yoga pants. 

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