It's the Monday of Calendar Months: 8 Ways to Make This Weekend Incredible in NYC

It's almost the weekend! Hang in there! All you have to do is get through a couple more freezing cold days of work, and then it'll be the freezing cold weekend.

A key aspect of surviving winter in New York City is to get out of your apartment and do things. We know, it sounds kind of horrible to us too, but you'll feel better once you're out.

This weekend the city's got a beer and whiskey tasting festival, a wine tasting cruise, and some really hot plays, comedy shows, and 80s gaming sessions.

Yeah, living in NYC rocks for a reason. The reason being that there are always incredible activities popping off whenever you most need them.

Sick of being in the city? Why not check out the Ski/Snowboard Day Trip to Hunter Mountain? Alright, we'll stop giving stuff away. Read on to find out what to do in the city this weekend.

Friday, January 15th

1. Ski/Snowboard Day Trip to Hunter Mountain (85 Delancey Street)

yuvannamontalvo Yeah!πŸ‚β„οΈ #Snow #Snowboard #HunterMountain

It's on Friday only this weekend, but they'll have the same trip on Saturday and Sunday of next weekend, so if you can't skip out on work to hit the slopes this week, keep next week in mind.

If you do opt to take this trip, you'll cruise to upstate New York with Sourced Adventures, where you'll shred it big time at the Northern Catskills' highest peaks. Or, you know, you can slide down the bunny hill if you're a beginner. That's cool too.


Your ticket guys you roundtrip transportation from 85 Delancey Street to Hunter Mountain, all-area lift tickets, ski or snowboard rental, and hot drinks to keep you cozy after all your snow adventures. You have to be at 85 Delancey Street by 7 a.m., but you can sleep on the way, right?

You can snag tickets here. You know you've been wanting to get out of the city, right?

2. Touch at UNDER Saint Marks (95 Saint Marks Place)

joornal κ·Ήμž₯ 찾느라 νž˜λ“€μ—ˆλ‹€ tiny but lovely #theatre #understmarks #eastvillage #150528

Have you been meaning to catch all the incredible theater performances happening underground in NYC?

We mean, Broadway is great, but in our opinions, spending $10 for an extremely artistic play, a play that's rife with emotion and performed in a small, intimate atmosphere, might be even better

This Friday, come check out Touch. It's a play about loss, staring into the cosmos, and finding solace in the unlikeliest of places. 

There's a bar with wine and beer at the theater too, so that helps. Why not catch a deeply emotionally satisfying play this weekend? Grab tickets here.

3. Wine and Cheese Cruise (West 22nd and Hudson River)

turboreilly #wineandcheesecruise

Cruising on a yacht... while munching on cheese and throwing back wine? Sounds like a pretty heavenly day to us.

There will be a wine professional on board, her name is Wendy Crispell, and you'll voyage on the yacht Manhattan or Manhattan II. 


You'll also get to learn a ton about the wine you're getting buzzed on: you'll learn about major styles, grape varieties, regions and trends.

Did we mention there will be chocolate? Oh, we didn't? Well, there will be chocolate. Plus, you know, those incredible Hudson River views never hurt either. To ride the cruise, you'll meet at Chelsea Piers at 6 p.m. and venture for two hours. Grab your tickets here.

Saturday, January 16th

4. Zlatne Uste Golden Festival (236 Prospect Avenue - Brooklyn)

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This incredible grassroots festival will hit Brooklyn on Friday and Saturday this weekend. 

There will be a market above the grand ballroom, selling CDs, clothes, jewelry, and more. You'll also have the chance to munch on tasty snacks, and wash it all down with the beverage you snagged at the cash bar. 

Really, the bar is cash only, so go to the ATM first if you want to get smashed. The food, however, comes with the price of your ticket, so there will be two buffet lines on Friday and four on Saturday. The idea is to sample as many dishes as possible.

There will also be a ton of music to jam to. There will be 60 bands playing on four stages. It's going to be wild, and you know it. Grab tickets here.


5. East Ville Des Folies - Acte Quatre (125 East 11th Street)

donewyorkcity It's finally drinking time on the first #ThirstyThursday of 2016! If you're feeling extra thirsty on Jan. 16th, Webster Hall is having their fourth annual beer & whiskey festival, East Ville Des Folies, with 1920's prohibition decor and four floors of beer and whiskey tastings! That's enough booze to quench your thirst for the rest of the year, so come out and drink like it's about to be illegal again!

Did you know Webster Hall is turning 130? We know. It's a big birthday. We think we might be able to make some room in our schedules among all our other 130th birthday celebrations.

We're joking. This is obviously the only 130th birthday celebration for a music hall we've ever been invited to, so it's only fitting that it'll be an absolutely raving party.

It'll be a classic trip back in time to prohibition. You know, when it was illegal to chug a glass of whiskey. You'll be drinking like that.


Sounds fun, doesn't it? There will be trapeze, burlesque, swing jazz, circus, and musical performances too. There will be beer and whiskey samplings all the live long day, like four floors of samples, and a ton of incredible performances. It's going to be a blast.

Do you believe us? Great. Grab your tickets here.

6. 80s Game Night At The Bedroom Arcade (secret location)

lifeasartasattitude 🌐 BREAKING NEWS πŸ“‘ !!! LIVE FROM THE FUTURE !!! Cyborgs are not only here to destroy us, they also enjoy to play arcade games, smoke weed and chill... #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #lifeasartasattitude #BreakingNews #arcadegames #judgmentday #smokeweed #terminator #Destroy #Cyborg #T1000 #future #enjoy #turfu #chill #T2

Want to play some games? We thought you would. Games are the best. They're like, essential to the enjoyment of humans. Is that a saying? We're making it into one once we make it a little catchier. 

Anyway, there's a bedroom arcade somewhere in the city with $32,000 worth of arcade machines, pinball tables, and retro gaming memorabilia. The New York Adventure Club has gotten their way in there, and now you're invited, too.

You'll have the chance to game hard at all these games, plus indulge yourself in essential gaming fuel. Yes, we mean beers and pizza. The 80s were definitely the best times for arcade games, and you know you miss them as much as we do.

We can't tell you the location of the bedroom. Once you've purchased your tickets, it will be revealed to you. Get your tickets here.

Sunday, January 17th

7. globalFEST (125 East 11th Street)

briefkase88 Hey everyone! Check out the festival preview I did for @heartstringsmag! 🎡🎻🎷🎢 #globalfest #globalfest2016 #alternative #americana #earthy #folk #root #music #concert #festival #websterhall #nyc #interview #preview #heartstringsmag #instapic #instafun #instacool #instalove #instagrameers #igers #igdaily #igaddict #tweegram

Do you love music? We thought you did. Over the last decade, globalFEST has been rocking the musical world, morphing into one of the most dynamic global musical platforms in North America.

It isn't just a jam fest either. It encourages networking and cultural diplomacy, deepens cultural understanding, builds audiences for international music, and helps create a sustainable ecosystem for world music in the United States.


There will be musical styles from all corners of the globe jamming at globalFEST, from traditional to contemporary to everything in between.

It's happening at Webster Hall on Sunday, January 16th. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 7 p.m. There will be 12 acts on three stages. If you feel like spending your Sunday absolutely jamming, grab your tickets here.

8. Sunday Night at Stand Up New York (236 West 78th Street)

brainofbryn My fantastically funny and smart friend Carolyn leading her true.sales event one more time in 2015! Lots of female entrepreneurs and energy in the room. There is always something more to learn from this sales expert! #sales #entrepreneurs #salescrackerjack #standupnewyork #nyc

Sometimes, Sunday nights come with happy relaxation mingled with crushing existential depression. 

The best way to handle Sunday night slumps? (Yes, that's what we're calling it now.) Stand up comedy. That's the best way to handle your Sunday night slump. Believe us, we've tried it.

Stand Up New York, one of the hottest comedy clubs on the Upper West Side has a two drink minimum. That's cool, because you'd want to drink anyway, right? Drinking goes well with catching acts from NYC's hottest underground comedians.

If not, then go for a hot chocolate and a diet coke. The comedians will only judge you a little bit. Get your tickets here.

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