Drink Your Freedom: 8 Best Ways to Get the Most Out of NYC's New Public Boozing Policy

Have you heard that Manhattan's district attorney announced that the NYPD would no longer arrest people for public consumption of alcohol and other minor crimes, as long as you aren't posing a danger to yourself or the public, and don't have an open summons? 

While you'll still get fined (as in, it's still against the law, just not as serious), you can have a good time before the cops catch on. 

But enough with the downers, we're soaking up the early spring weather with some outdoor boozing!

So what are some of the best ways to get the most out of the new policy public consumption policy changes? 

Here are some of the best tips to get the most out of the decriminalization of public consumption this spring. 

Beer leagues got a whole lot more interesting


Have you ever been in a beer league only to be disappointed by the fact that there isn't really any beer involved? Heartbreaking. 


Instead, now you can get out for your beer league baseball game and add a few more elements to America's favorite pastime 



Uh, hello hour-long commute, nice to see ya! Instead of shadily passing around a brown bag filled with a forty (because that's the go-to brown bag beverage), you can splurge and drink something a little less, well, cheap. 

Boom, no more lost buzzes when you're traveling from one 

Traveling with open containers


We're not talking about taking a beer in your taxi or uber. That's still heavily frowned upon, and we'd rather keep it that way. 


We're talking about the ability to take that open bottle of wine from one apartment to another without getting red flagged for carrying an open container. 

Saving money


How many times have you gone to an outdoor NYC bar only to realize you're about to have your wallet ravaged by overpriced drinks? 

With this new policy, you can drink outside without having to pay $15 for a weak cocktail made with the cheapest liquor money can buy. 




Have you been outside? Uh, yea, it's friggin' beautiful. That means it's almost time to break out those lawn chairs, sunscreen, and bikinis. What else is on the list? 


This year: alcohol. Because now you can have your piña colada right in your own front yard. Best summer ever!



Uh, hello picnic season! What's a good picnic without a bottle of bubbly? Not a picnic we want to be involved in. 

Now you don't have to smuggle your refreshments in a shady sippy cup (not saying we've participated in such actions, but who knows?). 

Taking your dog for a walk


Look, it's gorgeous out there, so many of our fellow furry New Yorkers want to go outside and enjoy the spring time just as much as you do. 


Now you can pour yourself a red solo of your favorite brew, and enjoy your pups outdoor time. 

Stoop drinking


Unfortunately, the decriminalization of public consumption is currently only in the borough of Manhattan, so keep the outer borough stoop drinking on the DL. 

However, Stoop kids in Manhattan can party on. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy BrooklynPaper] 

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